When did I get fat? oh wait....then....

We're going to a wedding this weekend and I decided to try my old friend Ebay for a dress to wear, as I don't want to wear something I already own.
I found a dress I really liked, then discounted it as too expensive.
So I found another one that I thought would be quite good. This one :So it arrived yesterday, and its beautiful, I really like it, its a lovely purple colour and its silky and looks well made.
But it doesn't fit :(
Which is a problem.
Its too small, because I've gotten fat.

In fact we got married last November and in about February we realised we'd both put on weight, so we got stuck in, dieted, I managed to lose about 6-7kgs and was pretty happy. Then I sort of slacked off, stopped going to the gym when Daylight Savings finished and it got darker, and colder, and I holed up in our unit getting fatter and fatter again. Then I looked in the mirror at the beginning of August and thought, hold on! Its going to be Spring soon, and bikini season starts, and I'm all squishy looking.

So I resolved to go back to the gym.

Then I weighed myself, expecting to see the numbers at the same level as in February (pre-diet and weight loss) and was pleasantly surprised to see that I actually was still only a few kilos over my "good" weight from when I sort of trickled off on the exercise (about 11-15 weeks). So what happened? My brain quietly told me I could afford to wait, and not get right back into the diet.

Six weeks later I actually made it back to the gym.

So here I am, M has joined my gym too and we've only managed to go once together (I've been a few times solo).
The problem is that its the end of October and when I weighed myself again on the weekend I am now back to Post-, Wedding/Pre-Diet weight. In eight or nine weeks I seem to have abandoned my good-but-not-great eating habits and I gained the other 4 kg's I had lost.

I infact, feel fatter than ever before, I'm muffin-topping out of all my clothes. I have embraced the Baby-doll top, and the empire line dress because I don't need to try to suck my stomach in, which I am finding increasingly difficult and tiring to do all day.

In the last few weeks I have been unable to fit into the following items of clothing:
  • Ebay dress. Size 12.
  • Blue and white sundress, which made my boobs do something REALLY weird, dress may also be in cahoots with Nude colour strapless bra, which is showing signs of fatigue, and has been "on its way out" for six months or so. Think this is age related, not fat related however. I KNOW this dress fit me a year ago, its only that old.
  • Just about all my jeans. I think they are all staging a revolt against me. Slowly slowly I have stopped wearing them, except for this one pair, which are really stretchy (loving them). I am punishing myself today by wearing a non-stretch pair that are cutting my in half as I sit.
  • A multitude of slim fit tops which have all stopped slim-fitting. Including a heap of singlet tops that are stretch (Lycra if you will) that seem to display my fat rolls for all to see (back and front)
  • Boardshorts. Are. My. Enemy.
  • My pale pink shorts that I love *sniff*
  • My pink sundress which is currently making me look like a beached whale.
  • My white skirt that sits roughly just under my breasts now in order to zip it up. (not good look. What's worse, is considered wearing it out the other day regardless.
  • Green and black dress, usually a solid friend, am afraid it won't zip up now.
  • Am getting tuck shop arms!!!! (I know this isn't an item of clothing, more a reflection upon anything that I wear that displays them-particularly bad in strapless things)
So I'm back on the diet.
Thinking of doing
the cabbage soup diet for a kick start, I've actually always liked that soup. Problem is its quite warm for soup.


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non-Blondie said...
October 24, 2007 7:02 AM

I really hate it when that happens...you go along thinking things are ok and then BAM you rip the ass out of your pants and you decide to do something about it. Health kicks last me about 2 weeks and then I'm back to the couch with my lasagna and chocolate...you see, I can eat more crap food because I've exercised recently!

Good luck with the dress! I've embraced the high waisted jean because they dont stretch out and fall straight off your hips. And the v neck sleeved top - hides the arms and reveals the boobs - the only good side effect of weight gain!

Anonymous said...
October 24, 2007 8:09 AM


I think you've struck pay dirt on this topic.
I decided to weigh myself on sunday, obviously fancying I had shrunk.
WEE! 3kg weight lose (Admittedly how I don't know since I've barely lifted a stapler) since already loosing 4kg. Winner!
So yesterday, hoped onto the scales in elation expecting to see the same magical number - despite the kabab for lunch - and woah nelly! extra 2kg since sunday!

Then it dawned on me, that perhaps my magical weight loss had more to do with the fact that due to massivly dirty hangover I was incapable of consuming anything other than water.

*HUFF* nerts.

lou said...
October 24, 2007 9:25 AM

Suggested diets:

* Rage Diet
Conduct yourself with wrath for every waking moment of the day. (Replace walking with stomping, talking with screaming, shutting doors with slamming, etc). Works for my mother.

* Free Diet
Consume whatever you want, as long as you didn't pay for it. I reckon I could live off the free food I score from work, sure the weekends would be tough, but at least I'd lose weight (and save monies - win win!)

* Ironic Diet
Say chocolate is your weakness. Well, on this diet, all you can eat is chocolate. For every meal. Sounds good? Will quickly turn into hell, and you'll never want to look at chocolate ever again. Also you'll lose weight through malnourishment. (I used a combination of this diet and 'free diet' when I worked at the ice cream shop.) Only way this could backfire is if you're Homer Simpson: "So you like doughnuts eh? Well, have all the doughnuts in the world! HAHAHAHA!"

Personally, I have a few mottos in regards to my weight:

Boobs over Stomach (when you have small boobs, this doesn't give you much room for pudding)

Rubberwear is Very Expensive
(not the sort of thing I can upsize easily, also not the sort of thing I want to risk squishing myself into)

I am too Cheap to Buy New Clothes

And finally:

The Jazzer Police (i.e. my mother) Would Come After Me and Make Me Grapevine Against My Will.



Dataceptionist said...
October 24, 2007 9:49 AM

non-Blondie ...
Oh dear god, not the high waist! Kill me!!!
unfortunately this is not an option for me, as if I put high waisted pants on, its a slippery slope to fuggin's and Fluro Supre.
And in my case, extra boobage from putting on weight, NOT a welcome thing. Already DD's, don't need E's, or heaven forbid, F's.

Re ...
Oh no!
I must say, that thing where you should weigh yourself in the morning after you pee really does have merit.
And non-big-nighted-ness helps too. Weighing oneself after I've spent the previous evening pumping my body with sugary useless calories isn't the best idea.
Hey remember that morning after we had, you on mattress 'o' shame and watching dvd's and we ate the Chicken sticks? That was some good hangover morning....

lou ...
My motto is more "stomach Under Boobs = Bad".
This motto works on the premise that if I can SEE my stomach, UNDER my boobs, something is very wrong. Namely, stomach is protruding so much, it can be viewed under giant breasts. Again, I'm sure Re knows where I'm coming from on this one.

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