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AN Argentinian girl who turns 17 today has become a mother of seven after giving birth to her second set of triplets.

The girl, who was not named because she is a minor, prematurely delivered three girls each weighing 1.7kg last Tuesday.

In all she will have seven children celebrating her birthday with her today.

She already has a two-year-old boy born when she was 14, and another set of girl triplets born 18 months ago, when she was 15. She also suffered a miscarriage in the past.

Umm, the rest of the article goes on to say
The girl's 49-year-old mother....."We didn't want any more kids. When we found out she was going to have triplets we wanted to die because she doesn't have work, the father of the kids has abandoned her and I am the only one providing economic support,''
....after the last lot of triplets, she had asked for her teen daughter's fallopian tubes to be tied to prevent further pregnancies. But doctors refused because Argentine law prohibits such procedures for girls under 21.

The girl's frequent pregnancies occurred despite her receiving sex education information,

The demands of caring for so many little children prevent the girl from attending school.

But the municipality of Leon has stepped up to provide the young mother with a tract of land, where the provincial government has built a house for the large family. It is currently occupied by the girl's brother. Free nappies and electricity are also being supplied, and neighbours are said to be helping out.

Umm....I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I don't think this girl really cares about the children she already has, let alone any new ones. How ridiculous! A perfect example of why just anyone shouldn't be allowed to have children. Her poor mother is going to be looking after babies for the rest of her life by the sounds of it, because of her inconsiderate and carefree daughter. How sad.

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