Oh Oh Oh!!!! How could I forget!

I can't beleive I almost forgot to post another incident with WM and BG!!
As told to me by our "mutual friend" WM made a suggestion that they should get BG into his team to his Supervisor, was really gung-ho about the whole idea, as if it was all decided and interviewing her was a mere formality.
Then later that same day he had a change of heart and decided that she was weird and that the Company should let her go!!!


They aren't all freaks.....

Like I said, they aren't all mad. Seriously. Case in point->
What this image is of is two lovely bangles a colleague of mine brought back for me from India. How sweet is that! He was so nice to do that, they're gold looking with two liitle rows of Freshwater pearls with some little stones as well. I'm very lucky.
And SJ got some too! Cool eh!?

Now, the update

So Friday, WM walks through reception and while I have been endeavouring to ignore him in the least rude way possible, starts talking as though we'd been speaking previously (we hadn't) and tells me "that anyone who meets up with a person after only talking on the internet that long is mad." as if I knew what he was talking about! More to the point, as if I cared!
I think I've decided he's one of those conspiracy freaks now actually.
He is definitly delusional, that is a given. Its just so.....weird.

And then today he walks through Reception chuckling. Chuckling!!!!!

First, the background information

The "characters"- We'll call him Weirdo-Man (or WM for short) and her Bizarro-Girl (BG)
And my Colleague and fellow sufferer-SJ
Well, even though this is the background, I'm not sure where to start.

These are two people who work in my office, both as Phone Call Centre Operators. Not a terribly stimulating job, no. And yes, I concede, Telephony does attract some weird folks.

BG is a temp who started out with simple "hello's" and "how was your weekend" much the same as any other person who walks through reception.

WM was, for ages between myself and SJ, "that-weird-guy-who-never-seems-to-do-anything-but-constantly-walks-through-reception-on-his-way-to-have-a-smoke". A few "hellos" and passing comments, but nothing noteworthy.

BG was fine until she started to tell us things all too personal that I simply did not want to know. She'd be telling me about her Brazillian wax and the aftermath (itchy-ness), that I just didn't want to hear. And she'd tell me about her periods and cramps and I'm all like -ew ew ew!!! I tell SJ and we're both appalled. Ew.

So one day, BG comes out to me and tells me about how this guy, who I gradually discern to be "that-weird-guy-who-never-seems-to-do-anything-but-constantly-walks-through-reception-on-his-way-to-have-a-smoke" who's name is actually ****(WM), has left this $100 gift Voucher on her desk. And she simply cannot accept it! I mean what kind of a girl does he think she is? She then goes on to tell me about how he keeps asking her out but he just won't take no for an answer and why oh why won't he leave her alone?

After I've made the appropriate, "hmm", "thats awful", "what a weirdo!", comments, I tell SJ and we're both like-thats so bizarre.

BUT! The plot thickens!

That same afternoon, or the very next morning, WM, comes up to me. And then proceeds to tell me, with absolutely no prompting, his side of the tale! He won a $100 voucher as a prize for sales or something and thought he'd give it to BG because she's always so depressed, he thought she could use a bit of cheering up, buy herself some clothes. (the only thing I will say in WM's defense throught his whole piece, is that yes, BG is a bit of a fruitcake herself and she's always SO depressive. Everything's just too much for her)
He went out with a group of them one night and she was throwing herself at him and if she can't accept a simple gift there's something wrong with her, don't I think? Hmm, yes I say soothingly.... Why oh why can't the girls in this company stop throwing themselves at him! Why does he have to be so irresistable!? Its such a curse! She's asked him out a few times but then she goes all cold!

This is a true story folks! The two people telling the same story about each other.

-So this story happened a number of months ago, since then........

LAST WEEK -------------------------------------------------

Since this incident, I try not to speak to WM too much, having been told by another person not to put too much stock into what either of them say as they are both pathological liars.

WM still walks through Reception and I engage in limited conversation. He recently went Full-time and told me as he walked past that People treat you different when you go full time. (the two guys in his team) used to tell me when they were going somewhere, now they just walk out. The fact that both of them have seniority over them, one being his boss even, seems to escape him.

SO-he comes up to me on this day and makes some freak comment about how we should get a bizarre cockatoo for reception as that would be "interesting" for visitors and I was all like,no I don't think thats a great idea. so he walks off, and I'm like- weirdo.

Then, later a guy in his team, comes out to me and says that WM came up to him and asked if he was friends with me and when he said yes he started going on about how when he walks thru reception I keep bothering him, calling out to him and I won't leave him alone and I should stop asking him to go out with me and my friends because he's a 30 something guy who shouldn't be places with alcohol because he's had trouble in the past with girls and alcohol and asked if our "mutual friend" would "have a word with me".

I mean what an absolute FRIUTCAKE!!!!

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