Gah Bloody carpark


*scream as loud as possibly can*

Gah so irritating.

The carpark here at work is horrendous. There aren't enough spaces for all the cars that need to be parked for the staff as we have more people onsite with our company than we were meant to house in our building. As such car spaces are precious and illegal parking is rife. The solution the building managers have come up with is to have Security Personnel walk the carpark. Now imagine, you're going to park illegally. You drive up toward the car spaces and can clearly see there are no spaces, the security guy is down near the entrance. So what do you do? you drive as fast as you can, park illegally and run to your building. Great solution guys. Bah

chair covers and flowers

I'm back on board! Had the flu, but its ok.... I never wished more that I had the internet at home, cos then I could've blogged from home.

Woo hoo! Zogg has taught me how to make links! Visit his blog! I find it to be informative and stimulating!

Sweet Fiancee and I went and checked out quotes for our flowers last night. I love them! They're so beautiful, we bought a small bunch and the lovely girl only charged us $5 for them! Which was very good of her.

Last weekend we were at a local Wedding Expo at Harbord Diggers and saw some people I have been dealing with over email so far. Discount chair covers had two sashes in colours that SF and I differed in opinion about which would match the flowers. That said SW convinced me I was mad and had completely the wrong colour in my head. They were so lovely though and lent me two sample sashes to compare with the actual flowers which we took along, and both are quite suitable, but I think one is much prettier than the other so we're going with it. I will try to take pictures so I can post them soon.

Next thing, I don't know whether to go for the knots in the third image along in this block, or the bows in the image to the far right. Hmmmmm....
How funny it is that I'm reduced to- Do those flowers match my chair sashes? I tell you, its not right........
(and btw we aren't having those lilies in the fourth pic with the candles, I just couldn't get rid of them)
Also, our reception venue is booked and they've had their grand opening and updated their Website! So go check out where we'll be having it! Miramare Gardens

wedding flowers

These are our flowers, minus the lilies (big white things). Interestingly enough Sweet Fiancee has convinced me that my mental image of them is completely wrong and the colour I think they are is actually....not. But I still love them. Hehehe.

: (

Feel sick and manky. : (

Felt like having a whinge. wah

In other news
We are tossing up between two chair sash colours, I shall soon upload the image we have of our flowers, which we are trying to match the sash to. hopefully it will be successful.

wah wah

Yummy yummy

Very yummy. Last night my small team at work went out to celebrate our Boss' 10 years with the company. We went to Jordan's in Darling Harbour and I felt tres fabulous and trendy sitting looking out at the water and the city skyline. Kept expecting to see celebrities (albeit B list) at every turn. I did have a lovely cocktail though, a Jordan's special, called a Splash Passion. It consisted of Midori, Frangelico, pineapple juice (maybe?) passionfruit and lime. Super yummy and very refreshing. I think it had a sixth thing in it too. But I can't remember what......

It was a good evening anyway, good conversation and intellectual debate aplenty.


The kitchen on Level 7 has been refilled with Milo and I'm not giving you a new scrubber til you earn it

Bride Blogs, wedding sites and general wedding fare

well Its official. I have exhausted myself with web-iture on weddings and getting married. I have finally decided I'm sick of reading about them and reached stage that I'm Over Reading (yes, she of the never ending book reading feels you can Over-Read a topic). Now I feel like my brain is crammed with sugared almonds and sand and sea shells and rose petals and can you throw confetti? and who wants confetti!


So I'm taking a break from it all and focusing on work for a change! Hahahaha


This is us Parasailing. I know its hard to tell thats its us, my hair's up and Sweet Fiancee isn;t wearing a shirt, so we do look slightly different to normal. We went last weekend and I did have not-inconsiderable-size freak out and panic while we were sitting in the boat waiting, but once actually in the air it was lovely. I did feel secure, and not at all like being on a Thredbo Chairlift about to fall to my doom. It was a gorgeous day for it as you can see, this was about quarter past 4 in the afternoon on a Saturday. And that view is looking back at the heads in Manly. I was quite surprised I enjoyed myself as much as I did, but yay!! So thank you very much to Mr Sweet Fiancee's Mum and Dad, as it was a lovely birthday present from last year. But I have said to Sweet Fiancee to never give me something like a Bridge climb or Sky Diving as it would simply be a waste of money.

***Interestingly, the guy in the boat said, after we'd come down, that after 30 ft you lose your depth perception for differing heights and you'll apparently be just as scared at 30 ft as you are at 100 ft! I don't know if I agree with that though as I'm sure I'd be more scared at 30, 000 ft than I am at 40 ft!***

Reliving Sand fun and certain death

Well my darling fiancee says to me a few days ago, regarding our ill-fated trip to Stockton Beach, that "We're going back" I ask him what he means by this and he tells me that he's not going to let it beat us. Now I am not particularly eager to return to the scene of this particular incident, and was hoping I might not need to face this for some months/years so I don't think there's a whole lot of us happening there. His brother went last weekend and rode quad bikes so now he's all inspired again. I say-sure, bring him, then the two of you can be out shovelling sand when we get stuck, and I can sit comfortably in the air conditioning.......brilliant!

planning planning planning

Well its officially been two weeks since we took the preliminary steps to spend more money on one event than seems humanly possible.

I have become incredibly well read on the status of weddings in Oz, the US and Canada, and now know stacks, and yet seemingly, not enough at the same time!

We have placed tentative bookings at both the church and reception venue, I have possible decided on a colour theme and sourced some very cheap Chair Covers to suit said theme. I have created and posted over 140 engagement party invites to more than 200 people and hope to have all of them to celebrate with us. We now face the difficulty (more difficult in HtB's case) of cutting this list down to something manageable for the actual wedding.

And regarding the engagement party, I am faced with all these questions of "what do you want?" The whole concept seeming so bizarre to me! I mean when I think of the party I think of having all our important friends and family there, celebrating with us and wishing us well. As corny as that sounds I know. The last thing I think is that people will bring gifts! Bizarr-o/ So the answer really is I don't know! Because it's true!

beyond that....I'm not feeling as hopelessly overwhelmed as I was for a short few days there, more excitement again and wanting to iron out all the details now-today! Hahaha.

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