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I'm back on board! Had the flu, but its ok.... I never wished more that I had the internet at home, cos then I could've blogged from home.

Woo hoo! Zogg has taught me how to make links! Visit his blog! I find it to be informative and stimulating!

Sweet Fiancee and I went and checked out quotes for our flowers last night. I love them! They're so beautiful, we bought a small bunch and the lovely girl only charged us $5 for them! Which was very good of her.

Last weekend we were at a local Wedding Expo at Harbord Diggers and saw some people I have been dealing with over email so far. Discount chair covers had two sashes in colours that SF and I differed in opinion about which would match the flowers. That said SW convinced me I was mad and had completely the wrong colour in my head. They were so lovely though and lent me two sample sashes to compare with the actual flowers which we took along, and both are quite suitable, but I think one is much prettier than the other so we're going with it. I will try to take pictures so I can post them soon.

Next thing, I don't know whether to go for the knots in the third image along in this block, or the bows in the image to the far right. Hmmmmm....
How funny it is that I'm reduced to- Do those flowers match my chair sashes? I tell you, its not right........
(and btw we aren't having those lilies in the fourth pic with the candles, I just couldn't get rid of them)
Also, our reception venue is booked and they've had their grand opening and updated their Website! So go check out where we'll be having it! Miramare Gardens

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