You know I love you all dearly

I'm just SO over the thank you notes. I'm sorry. I can't help it. There's only so many times you can try to be innovative and sincere in the wording before your innovation has become blase. Am I a bad person? I can't help it....... And now I've run out of envelopes and I have to get more cool looking envelopes so the people that don't have them yet don't feel like they got the second hand envelopes. : (

In other news, Lou and Anan are going to Dylan Moran tonight. Jealous! Not that I couldn't have gone, just that I couldn't make it work for myself, despairing I had to choose housework over Dylan so as not to get evicted following tomorrow's inspection. So yes. Good for them anyway! They'll have a smashing time.

Bernard!! Bernard!! Bernard!! I'm a prostitute robot from the future!

more tennis bizarrity

Is that a word? Bizzarity? Hahaha.
On point- the continuation of the tennis farcity, today I was upstairs when I was motioned over to someone's desk, who then proceeded to show me an email about a Tennis Round Robin they are starting on that level. The last line on the email recieved by Jim was the company director I referred to yesterday saying "oh no I can't play that day, but (me) would love to sub for me" (!) And I'm like OMG, nice of someone to tell me!!
Seriously funny, especially when Jim told me when they're playing and I can't even make it!! Hahaha

In other news, the apartment is being inspected tomorrow so Lou has hidden her Kitty Litter box (for the cat which hasn't arrived yet) underneath some boxes and such like. *fingers crossed*

And BTW-

Corporate Games Shmames

Sadly this was the best "192" image I could find. *sigh*

Onwards and upwards. Today the farcity of my foray into the Corporate Games for Tennis continued. Before the joke was that I made it onto a Company Wide email praising my efforts for the Corporate Games, I played in under 30's Ladies Tennis Singles. The irony if this was that there were only 10 girls in my division, I won one match of 4, so coming 7th wasn't really worth mentioning. But the top 8 people of each division in each sport are listed in the official results because they win their company points. So I ended up on this company email talking about our overall performance and I was one of three people mentioned for their exemplary performance! SO then I started having all these people asking me about it and congratulating me. It was awful.
So today it has culminated in our Company Director asking me to have a hit with her sometime!!! Saying I should bring my gear just in case!! Gahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I forgot!!

194 Days to go

hello Eckles!!

Well Eca has gone to countries beyond so I am going to try to keep her abreast of all things happening over here!! So hello Eca! We miss you already!! Hey get this Friday afternoon we get home from the airport and Beeb and I decided to watch a DVD to kill some time so we were going to watch the Sound of Music Sing-along and I say, how about we put my 21st DVD on first? WORST IDEA EVER. I ended up totally blubbering when The Sweetest Thing part came on!!! And I was like, "who's idea was this!!"
So yeh, sad. : (

I'm a bit late I know.......

This is a wonderful image of my work Pals at an Awards night we had the night before Good Friday. It was a great night, SJ and I ended up having a blinder of a night that was masses of fun. It was a little silly, a little funny, a little sexy. In short it was a little of everything, and isn't that always a recipe for fun.

Well at least it was for us. : )

Less than 200 days to go!

Well in fact there are 199 Days to go, and from now on, I will (potentially) start every post with such information. It makes the stress come on faster don't you think?

We picked our photographer yesterday, his name is Troy Elliot and we like his work. This is just one of the random pictures from his site that I kinda liked. Ironically there aren't many pictures on the site that I do like but his album's we saw I really liked the style of. And we love his personality. Which helps a lot.

Beyond that today I discovered the virtues of web based Instant Messaging at work and now I can do even less work than before.

No No No.

Oh dear god how awful is this ad? Talk about your self esteem issues!!!
So irresponsible of Slimfast too I think.

Not at MY wedding

19 Ways To be Offensive At a Wedding
(Found somewhere on the Web)
1.Show up with a baby and claim he belongs to the newlyweds.
2.Cover yourself with glue to improve your chances of catching the bouquet.
3.Offer to show people pictures of the bride having sex with a dog.
4.Tell people that you knew the bride before the sex change operation.
5.Tell the bride that the only reason you can look at her is that you used to be a proctologist.
6.Instead of a standard gift, give the newlyweds a gift certificate for a drug rehab. clinic.
7.As you move down the receiving line, spit on each person.
8.Ask the bride's mother to give you a hand job.
9.Give the bride some Bianca, and tell her it kills the taste of sperm.
10.Propose a toast to the bride's nose job.
11.Steal the cards from the wedding gifts so no one can tell who they came from.
12.Walk up to various guests and demand to see their invitations.
13.After the bride throws her garter, start people chanting, "Throw your bra, throw your bra..."
14.Tell everyone that the groom had to be given Quaaludes to keep him from backing out.
15.Tell the rabbi that there's no money to pay him, and ask if he'll settle for stupping the bride.
16.Assure the bride's mother that the groom is "hung like a horse."
17.Return a bra which the bride left in your car.
18.If there's a hunchback at a Jewish wedding tell hin that he has to wear one yarmukle on his head and another on his hump.
19.When the bride is coming down the aisle, push the organist out of the way and start playing, "The Lady is a Tramp."

3 men, one Maori, one Japanese and a Samoan

3 men, one Maori, one Japanese and a Samoan were sitting naked in a sauna,
Suddenly, there was a beeping sound. The Maori pressed hisforearm and the
beep stopped. The others looked at him questioningly.

"That was my pager," he said, "I have a microchip under the skin of my arm."

A few minutes later a phone rang. The Japanese fellow lifted his palm to his ear. When he finished he explained, "That was my mobile phone. I have a microchip in my hand."

The Samoan felt decidedly low tech, but not to be outdone he decided he had to do something just as impressive. He stepped out of the sauna and went to the bathroom. He returned with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his behind. The others raised their eyebrows and stared at him. The Samoan finally said....

"Well, will you look at that, I am getting a fax."

Happy (almost) Easter

Hahahaha, I love this. Its going around as an email forward presently and I think its hilarious.

Engagement fun

Our engagement party is this weekend. So far we are expecting 160 people. True story. 22 cases of beer later. 3 dozen bottles of champagne. punch. sangria. soft drink. a dozen bottles of white wine. 4 casks of wine.
300 sausages. 150 satay chicken sticks. billions of party pies, sausage rolls. dozens of cheese and spinach triangles. 6 dozen small sushi rolls. slices. slab cake. flood lights. chairs. trestle tables.
the list goes on and on.
it should be fun.
I hope its fun.
I hope I get to speak to most of the people.
I hope I can breathe.

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