Corporate Games Shmames

Sadly this was the best "192" image I could find. *sigh*

Onwards and upwards. Today the farcity of my foray into the Corporate Games for Tennis continued. Before the joke was that I made it onto a Company Wide email praising my efforts for the Corporate Games, I played in under 30's Ladies Tennis Singles. The irony if this was that there were only 10 girls in my division, I won one match of 4, so coming 7th wasn't really worth mentioning. But the top 8 people of each division in each sport are listed in the official results because they win their company points. So I ended up on this company email talking about our overall performance and I was one of three people mentioned for their exemplary performance! SO then I started having all these people asking me about it and congratulating me. It was awful.
So today it has culminated in our Company Director asking me to have a hit with her sometime!!! Saying I should bring my gear just in case!! Gahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

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