So cute!!!

Ooohh!!! I had a sample of these bombonierre boxes sent to me in the silver (right) and they're so cute!! We're not looking at having almonds in them, rather small foil chocolate hearts.

I put it together, so happy!! Now for the chocolate samples to arrive and the test will be complete!


I had the funniest dream last night. I think it was particularly hilarious as it highlights my obvious anxiety about the wedding. Call me crazy but that's funny....

Anyway, so it was like real life, as you do, and I had done as much wedding prep as I've currently done. Ie, some but not a lot set in stone. The problem being, that instead of getting married in less than 160 days, I was getting married in like 2 hours. Hahaha. So wedding day dawns and the bridesmaids are all running around like headless chooks, (somehow Erica was back in Oz) with vaguely dark Purple looking dresses, but not the ones we're having made! I had about half a dress I think and the BM's were all doing their own makeup and hair, when I had the brainwave that we would all go down to Myer and the girls could have their makeup done at like the Clinque counter etc, except that when I went to go in they were closing so i couldn't get my Makeup done! I also toyed with the idea of having it done by the Napolean counter but discounted them when I thought they were going to make me fuschia and electric blue. And somehow I ran into Jess in the shopping centre toilets and she was only half dressed and I was going out of my mind!!!!

It was so distressing while I was in the dream, but as soon as I woke up I realised it wasn't really happening and after I calmed down I thought it was so funny. One of the things I found funniest was the notion that one day I woke up and after telling people that it was fine and we had lots of time, we suddenly had no time at all. Hahahaha.

When does an Ex stop being an Ex and become your friend, and is it fair to make your partner deal with it?

I'm trying a slightly different tactic here, and opening up the floor for discussion on what I feel might be a controversial topic.

There's a girl at work who's getting married in September and she maintains a close friendship with her Ex-fiancee (now thats a whole different story...). Now her current fiancee isn't terribly happy with this arrangement and I feel this is totally justified. She has told him that if he forces her to choose between the two of them that the ex will win and he'll lose her.
Now I would have thought that the man you were marrying was a little more important than the the ex? Or is that just me? I'd like some active discussion here people. I think she's being unfair, but at the same time, should we have to choose between friends and boyfriends? I will also allow here that the friendship you have with Jimmy Joe from high school that your partner "doesn't approve of (maybe because they make you do stupid things etc)", is entirely different to friendship with Exey. From my perspective she should be taking his feelings into account and distancing herself from this damaging friendship.
I would hope in this position that I could take my partners feelings into account and that he would also take into account my desire for the friendship to continue and we could come out in a balance for the two of us. Is that possible? Who wants to take up the baton?

Template Change....Again....

*sigh* I was having difficulties with the Sidebar on my template so I've had to change templates.... which is a massive bummer cos I really liked that template.... : (

Envy? No way man

I LOVE this dress. Love it Love it. Wouldn't wear it to get married in (sorry hah) but I love it. I could wear it somewhere else perhaps. At least I could if I wasn't worried my bosoms would topple out of it like an erupting Vesuvius.

Gorgeous though.

Various-Disc 1 & 2

Saturday night we had a small informal gathering at home. Robbie and Todd came over and Alicia and Lou rounded out the evening well. Unfortunately, in true Yvonne style I passed out (quietly) as soon as everyone left. It was all too much. So yeh, that was bad.

Friday night we had dinner at a place called Ceruti's in Manly with friends from Bovis on Mark's old team. The company was excellent but I was a bit disappointed with the food. It was Italian, and even with Entertainment Cards, Mark and I didn't think the price was terribly good. Food was merely ok, not stellar. But the waiter had the most divine think Italian accent, which went a little way to making up for it.

We've come a little closer to making the invitations for the wedding also. We took ourselves to Balloons Balloons successfully and have got a concept and some paper colours we really like. Now we've got to cost it all out, including Order of Service and Thank you cards.
And while we were there I got all inspired for bombonierre again, cos I really liked some of the things they'd done : )

We've hit a snag with rings though which we went on Sunday morning to do. I had hoped we could make some concrete decisions, but myself particularly, I'm even more lost now. I thought I wanted a narrow band, just plain. And now I'm thinking of something like 3-3.5mm wide instead. it's a difference. Hmmmm
We're kinda thinking of maybe having matching bands thought, which would be nice I think. All white of course. But, hmmm.


Check it out people, Uh huh, posting on a Saturday. Yeh, getitindaya!

Mark's gone off to work this morning, poor baby. I have a big morning planned of having my haircut. But, the exciting thing is that this afternoon we plan to visit Balloons Balloons to investigate stationery ideas. This one's a fun one.

Tomorrow we plan to have a serious decision made about wedding bands. I really want to get these things out of the way so they're done. Hmm well thats a bit of a truism isn't it?

Anywho, check out Lou's blog, she's updated (I know-Shock) and its funny. She manages to be witty and clever, while I gave up all pretense of actually attempting either of those things many many posts ago.

Btw-for those trying to comment (mum), click on the little comment's bit at the end of this post and it should be relatively easy from there. Otherwise I'll just show you when I'm there next.

Only in America...

This shit is insane!! Scary beyond all reason!!

Christian Virgins Are Overrated Think sex and drugs destroy America? Try naive chastity. Oh, and "Purity Balls" (full article)

There are these things. These unholy events called "Purity Balls" and you should probably fall to your knees right this minute and thank a merciful and lubricious and happily polyamorous God that you do not know what they are and that you have access right this minute to vast quantities of wine to deflect their nasty karmic arrows because, you know, oh my God. But hey, free country. Purity Balls. No, not some sort of newfangled spherical chastity device to be inserted using vacuum tubes and pulleys, but rather fancy creepy dress-up rituals taking place in towns like Colorado Springs and Tucson and Zoloft Jesusville, in which Christian dads rent a bad tux while their daughters, mostly teenagers but many as young as 6 or 7, get all dolled up in gowns from JCPenny and they all drive out to the airport Marriott and prepare to, well, lose their minds. It begins. At some point the daughter stands up, her pale arms wrapped around her daddy, and reads aloud a formal pledge that she will remain forever pure and virginal and sex-free until she is handed over, by her dad (who is actually called the "high priest" of the home), like some sort of sad hymenic gift, to her husband, who will receive her like the sanitized and overprotected and libidinously inept servant she so very much is. Praise! Would that I were making this up. The dad -- er, high priest -- in turn, stands up and reads his pledge, one stating that he will work to protect his daughter's virginal purity that he has so carefully and wickedly drilled into her since birth, since she was knee-high to a disturbing dogma, that he will protect her chastity and oversee it and help enforce its boundaries, which might or might not involve great amounts of rage and confusion and secret stashes of cheap scotch, although his pledge claims it's with honor and integrity and lots of bewildering Godspeak. Which, in many households, is essentially the same thing. It's true. Purity Balls are happening, right now....

When Dr Suess gets married!

Marty Blase, the author of these vows, writes: "My fiancee and I agreed a long time ago that we wanted to write our own wedding vows, and as a spur-of-the-moment idea, I suggested the following. To my disappointment, she didn't quite go for it..."

Pastor: Will you answer me right now
These questions, as your wedding vow?
Groom: Yes, I will answer right now
Your questions as my wedding vow.
Pastor: Will you take her as your wife?

Will you love her all your life?
Groom: Yes, I take her as my wife,
Yes, I'll love her all my life.
Pastor: Will you have, and also hold
Just as you have at this time told?
Groom: Yes, I will have, and I will hold,
Just as I have at this time told,
Yes, I will love her all my life
As I now take her as my wife.
Pastor: Will you love through good and bad?
Whether you're happy or sad?
Groom: Yes, I'll love through good and bad,
Whether we're happy or sad,
Yes, I will have and I will hold
Just as I have already told,
Yes, I will love her all my life,
Yes, I will take her as my wife!
Pastor: Will you love her if you're rich?
Or if you're poor, and in a ditch?
Groom: Yes, I'll love her if we're rich,
And I will love her in a ditch,
I'll love her through good times and bad,
Whether we are happy or sad,
Yes, I will have, and I will hold
(I could have sworn this has been told!)
I promise to love all my life
This woman, as my lawful wife!
Pastor: Will you love her when you're fit,
And also when you're feeling sick?
Groom: Yes, I'll love her when we're fit,
And when we're hurt, and when we're sick,
And I will love her when we're rich
And I will love her in a ditch
And I will love through good and bad,
And I will love when glad or sad,
And I will have, and I will hold
Ten years from now a thousandfold,
Yes, I will love for my whole life
This lovely woman as my wife!
Pastor: Will you love with all your heart?
Will you love till death you part?
Groom: Yes, I'll love with all my heart
From now until death do us part,
And I will love her when we're rich,
And when we're broke and in a ditch,
And when we're fit, and when we're sick,
(Oh, CAN'T we get this finished quick?)
And I will love through good and bad,
And I will love when glad or sad,
And I will have, and I will hold,
And if I might now be so bold,
I'll love her my entire life,
Yes, I WILL take her as my wife!
Pastor: Then if you'll take her as your wife,
And if you'll love her all your life,
And if you'll have, and if you'll hold,
From now until the stars grow cold,
And if you'll love through good and bad,
And whether you're happy or sad,
And love in sickness, and in health,
And when you're poor, and when in wealth,
And if you'll love with all your heart,
From now until death do you part,
Yes, if you'll love her through and through,
Please answer with these words:
Pastor and Groom: I DO!
Pastor: You're married now! So kiss the bride,
But please, do keep it dignified.

American's love a conspiracy

And the 9/11 tradgedy seems to provide them with perfect fodder-
What I find so interesting about Americans is their ability to turn a tradgedy on its head and turn it into something so much more sinister that it already was! Now they're blaming their own government! Don't these people have any sense? Like they aren't scared enough that other countries are out to get them, that they want to terrify the population that their own government can't be trusted. Freaks I tell ya

Dear god save me from this evil

Louise has just kindly forward me this drivel
>>Hi Everyone,
If you havent realised, its 5 years since high school. And obviously lots has happened since then.We were hoping to organise a reunion of sorts and we need to get in contact with as many people as possible. If you are interested can you please reply to, and could you please forward this email on.We havent set a date as yet, but are aiming for August.
>>Krystal, Gemma and Melanie
Now I know its being harsh, but oh dear god the infinite pain I would be subjected to if I went. Especially seeing as it's being organised by these girls. I mean kill me with a spoon, please. And when I thought about who I could forward this ghastly email to, I knew I only speak to approximately three people from High School and surprise surprise, Lou is one of them! Hahaha. I mean can't you just imagine how they're talking when they were writing it! I actually think 5 year reunions are a bit silly. 10 years makes a lot more sense to me. I like the thought of organising it, but that would require interest in the actual proceedings.

Btw-notice this email is resplendent with Spelling errors.Gah

And Lou linked this article

True Story

I just witnessed my first out and out, full on IT comversation bewteen two employees. You'd think after 8 months I would have seen/heard one before, but surprisingly no. I guess staff aren't too crash hot on hanging round in reception where anyone can hear them!
Yeh there was talk of capacity and terabytes and I was completely clueless! I'm not sure why that facinates me so.....

Fuulllllyyy Siikkkkk

Well it's been solved. Mark's Dad Tom has found our wedding cars. Or so he says. Hahahaha. There were more pics of the groomsmen in them while they did burnouts. Funny. But smelly methinks.
Hehehe. Makes you wonder how they managed to become an email forward as they're obviously someone's real wedding!

Mark and I had serious wedding discussion last night. We have actions plans.

Eca we haven't heard from you for a while....?

Well it makes sense.....

Six degrees...

So bizarre. On Monday I was meant to have a new temp start but we got a call through that she couldn't come in. So she started today, and lo and behold, its Sarah, girlfriend of Jaemus, who Adrian used to be friends with! So weird!!! Hahaha.

For those of you who know....

Just letting you know quietly, I know I took all the "offensive" work posts out, but a small update, that WM and BG have both resigned and no longer work here! Thank god about WM, BG moved levels so I didn't really talk to her anymore anyway, but WM-halleluia!

Well that got royally screwed up didn't it?

I have just looked back over my entries and seen some of the "days to go" calculations were incorrect (around the 185 mark) so I had to go back and re edit all the entries that were wrong. Lame. In other news, it's only 26 weeks away!!!

In other news, we continue the mission for purple Dupion Silk at a fraction of the price. Reanan has been braving the lunchtime Spottie crowd for me. Being the faithful bridesmaid she is, she hid the bolt under all the others when she was not sure it was 100% correct!!

Thanks for the Bill $$ too Eca. : )

I found a great website yesterday and spent hours looking through it all. The Optical Illusion site the pic in one of the previous posts came from. Well worth a browse if killing time.

Hahahaha this is great

I want one!

This is awesome!!

GAHHH!!! Bloody stupid tele surveys!

Gahh!! I just did this whole ranting post on this stupid caller and then tried to spell check it and the bloody post disappeared! Gah!

I just had this abysmally stupid tele survey cold caller who kept repeating the same line to me over and over again.
" I just had a few general questions regarding Laptops and I wanted to speak to your Senior IT manager"
And when I tried to get him to elaborate, after telling him I didn't have anyone of that specific title as we are an IT Company he just wouldn't budge! Just parotted the same line over and over again. I reckon at least 15 times! And he wouldn't admit that he had a script. And then after all this frustration, he hung up on me!!!


I found one!

I found my wedding dress!!! Thankfully, this isn't it. Hahaha. I especially will not be posting a picture of it as

A- I do not have one

B- Mark reads this too

But, as the heading reads, I am fairly confident I have found the gown I want. Its lovely. Now we're going to take Isobel and pretend she's Mark's Mum so she can check out how to make it and stuff. I will say though that I came *this* close to choosing a blush pink gown. I tried on about three of them and they were SO gorgeous. But then I woke up to myself and realised that pink really wouldn't work with my colour theme and we gave that idea away.

But I really loved the Pink...*sigh* But then I put on the one we're going ahead with and I just really loved it. *yay* I'm really sorry Mark also, as I know it's probably killing you to hear me talk about the dress without anymore details, but we want it to be a surprise...... xx

Eca when we have pictures available I'll make sure to email you one direct...

Also, 180 days to go!! :c )

In Control

Feeling more in control, just been through my planner and filled in everything we've done and everything we have a bead on so far. Relaxed. The only teensy weensy thing that might be a problem is the oversight of our next deposit being due yesterday, $3000 in fact.


Well, we haven't got fabric after all. But never fear! We are hoping to procure some in the very near future (over the weekend). I am hoping this will mean dresses will cost for you guys about $150, possibly $200 max? It all depends on how much Isobel charges for the making. But the fabric would be $40, so the rest is the making : )

*fingers crossed* everyone!!

We also have another Gown adventure tomorrow so we shall see what that yields.....

Farnell Guys

Check this out!!! I was strolling through the pods at work when i should happen upon this box! Lying carelessly on the floor as I walked, and I thought, Oh Cock-a-doodle-do-Neil, no wait, I thought, Heavens! What is A box doing here with Farnell on it! So I had to take a picture and investigate! So check out Farnell In One!


Today Mummy is off purchasing the fabric for the bridemaids dresses, at HALF PRICE!! Woo!! This image isn't our dress exactly but it is the silk we're looking at. :c )

So yay!! I'm pleased, that's one thing that will be taken care of.

In other news, 182 days to go people, look alive.

Eca, we're thinking of you!!

*edit- there are actually 182 days to go not 183*


Whilst watching snatches of Tv last night, {not a common practice of mine, to watch Tv, but we were at Mark's and they were watching Desperate Housewives while I devoured Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. (see below) } there was an ad for Who, Brad and Angelina's African Hideout, and I was like- WHO CARES! It irritated me a lot actually as I am SO Over celebrity! I couldn't give a toss about Brad and Angelina, or Katie and Tom, or even Nicole and Keith! I'm so sick of hearing about stupid people that are famous or beautiful and utterly useless!! And it made me ponder whether there's any hope for our society because people aren't losing interest in this crap, they're getting hungrier and hungrier and what the hell are we looking forward to in the future if everyone's so pre-occupied with such trash? It makes you want to go back to the beginning of it all and debunk the concept of celebrity. Or would it have made any difference? At what point do we reach when things become unavoidable? Should we have never have invented the camera? The movie camera perhaps? Should we have done away with magazines? Newspapers? Why can't we be content with our own existences and stop rubbishing our brains with these ridiculous celebrities? I think all you have to do is look to Tom cruise right now to see how it can all go to your head. I mean really? Does anyone think if he wasn't famous we'd give a shit about his bizarre relationship/mind control?


Harry Potter is wonderful! I wish I'd read it earlier! I'm churning through, you don't want to put them down! I gave myself a loose target on Thursday that I'd finish this one (4-the first thick one) by Saturday this week, but its looking like tomorrow!! Here I come!!!!

Chairs and Chocolate

Having a horrible day. Gahhh. Wondered what it would take for me to finally reach the point in this job of saying-I hate my job.
You know what it took?
Having to move like 20 office chairs, that have bung wheels like shopping trolleys, that can't be trusted to actually roll in the direction they're meant to. Do you appreciate how disheartening it is to look at a buildup of chairs and know that you can only take two at a time because that's all you can physically manage!! And you roll them but they want to go in different directions so you're straining your arms to keep them pointed forwards all of which gives you muscle strain! Gahhhh!!!

In other matters, have you ever noticed how even though Cadbury Easter chocolate is theoretically the same as normal Cadbury's, it tastes different?

Happy Birthday LouLou

Happy Birthday to the Lovely LadyLou!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day!!!


185 days to go. In the next few days I am hoping to make a list of all things that need to be done still. I imagine the list will be considerable as we haven't actually done that much. I should say we haven't finalised that much. We've done a bit but we haven't finalised it. Things that are Done done,
  • Chosen Date
  • Booked Ceremony Venue
  • Booked Reception venue
  • Booked Photographer
  • Chosen Bridesmaids
  • Booked Chair Covers

That's it from what I can tell. So there's a lot to go!

*edit-I was wrong! there's actually 186 days to go today! eek!! this has affected future posts....*

We're still getting married!

Hello all
This weekend just past Mark and I attended Engaged Encounter, a marriage preparation course (we got a certificate and all!). I was a little nervous about attending, although I was looking forward to it. I was nervous as the priest that referred us onto it told us that it was very intense and sometimes couples decide not to get married after all at the end of it!! So I was concerned we'd fall into that basket, but as it was it was fantastic and we're still gettting married and more in love than ever (I know, spew). I'm very much looking forward to our marriage. I think thats something that was good about the weekend is that its focused on your marriage, not just your wedding day. Its hard to keep focused on the fact that you're going to be married, not just that you're getting married. But yeh, we found it very inspiring and I feel very confident now about it all. Not that I was particularly feeling unconfident. I'm just more so now. : ) we're getting married....we're getting married.....

But yeh. So Pixie has moved in now. Who's Pixie I hear some of you ask? Pixie is Lou's cat and I tell you its somewhat bizarre having a live creature in the house that's not human, or Lolly. Hehehe. But I think she's lovely looking, even if Mark isn't terribly into her.

Alicia came into work today for an interview with my company. She's applied for a position as a Junior Receptionist, which means she'd be working directly with me. i'm trying to to hope too much for her to gt the position as then I'll be disappointed if she's unsuccessful. : ( It'd be nice though, then I'd be surrounded by Bridesmaids! Hehehe. But seriously, I'd finally get to see more of her!! And Alicia, we want to meet Chris!!!!

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