Whilst watching snatches of Tv last night, {not a common practice of mine, to watch Tv, but we were at Mark's and they were watching Desperate Housewives while I devoured Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. (see below) } there was an ad for Who, Brad and Angelina's African Hideout, and I was like- WHO CARES! It irritated me a lot actually as I am SO Over celebrity! I couldn't give a toss about Brad and Angelina, or Katie and Tom, or even Nicole and Keith! I'm so sick of hearing about stupid people that are famous or beautiful and utterly useless!! And it made me ponder whether there's any hope for our society because people aren't losing interest in this crap, they're getting hungrier and hungrier and what the hell are we looking forward to in the future if everyone's so pre-occupied with such trash? It makes you want to go back to the beginning of it all and debunk the concept of celebrity. Or would it have made any difference? At what point do we reach when things become unavoidable? Should we have never have invented the camera? The movie camera perhaps? Should we have done away with magazines? Newspapers? Why can't we be content with our own existences and stop rubbishing our brains with these ridiculous celebrities? I think all you have to do is look to Tom cruise right now to see how it can all go to your head. I mean really? Does anyone think if he wasn't famous we'd give a shit about his bizarre relationship/mind control?


Harry Potter is wonderful! I wish I'd read it earlier! I'm churning through, you don't want to put them down! I gave myself a loose target on Thursday that I'd finish this one (4-the first thick one) by Saturday this week, but its looking like tomorrow!! Here I come!!!!

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