GAHHH!!! Bloody stupid tele surveys!

Gahh!! I just did this whole ranting post on this stupid caller and then tried to spell check it and the bloody post disappeared! Gah!

I just had this abysmally stupid tele survey cold caller who kept repeating the same line to me over and over again.
" I just had a few general questions regarding Laptops and I wanted to speak to your Senior IT manager"
And when I tried to get him to elaborate, after telling him I didn't have anyone of that specific title as we are an IT Company he just wouldn't budge! Just parotted the same line over and over again. I reckon at least 15 times! And he wouldn't admit that he had a script. And then after all this frustration, he hung up on me!!!


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Robert Steers said...
May 08, 2006 8:41 PM

The best thing you can do with those surveys is turn the questions around.

"Yes I will put you through, but only when you have answered some of MY questions...."

"What colour are my eyes.... why is the sky blue.... where did you get this number... if we buy your product will it fail within the first 6 months.... "

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