Diamonds for the soul

I lost a diamond out of a ring yesterday :(
It wasn't my wedding ring or anything, but its super annoying just the same! They're expensive little buggers (please forgive the australian-ism in the use of the word "bugger") to replace.

Its a dress ring I have, and the other reason its so annoying is that it only has 7 stones in it, sort of like this, but a lot plainer, so the missing stones are more obvious (to me anyway?)

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This is *so* not in my job description

Great post from Evil HR Lady I commented on today, on "Additional Duties as assigned" or adhoc duties.

I left a comment, as below on some I've encountered, anyone else want to add theirs?
Ad hoc duties, the bane of Admin staff everywhere!

My (least) favourites to date

- Having to organise and work the Sunday before Christmas, for the company Kids Christmas Party. This still irritates me. I was “compensated” with one weekday in lieu. Giving up my Sunday, is NOT the same as a weekday, not when I have no choice to decline your “offer” of managing the horrid munchkins high on sugar. My predecessor’s grandchildren had attended in previous years, so she enjoyed the event. I had no such ties.

-This same company also had us (receptionists) serve pizza and beer the last Friday night of every month. Only two beers per person, we had to hand each beer to each individual, it was worse than the cricket. We got time in lieu again, for stuffing up my Friday night.

-Going with my boss to buy nailpolish. She wore a very particular colour from Christian Dior and I had to help find it, based on the chipped remnants on her nails.

-Going with that same boss to choose an evening outfit, including having to pass comment on whether she “looked fat in this”.

-Re : Cake cutting. I am in two minds. In one job it annoyed the hell out of me. In my current job, if I didn’t do it they would either hack it to pieces or cut it badly so they not everyone got a piece. It’s surely a skill, and not everyone has it.

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