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Flickr can be really interesting.

This is my most viewed photo (497 views).

Key words that brought people to the photo, were mostly searches for a combination of "nude, beach, sydney, nudist."
Because I made a quip about how frequently I accidentally look like I'm not wearing any clothes in photos.

My next viewed photo has held the top spot for most of its Flickr life (until it was overtaken by the above). Its a full frontal shot from Puppetry of the Penis, and I even **'rd the rude word!

Other popular hits I get are searches for places we went in Europe, and image searches for "posh bob". Hehe

My kingdom for a book

I'd love to write a book. I don't know what topic I could know enough about to be an authority on the subject. And have no story in my head that would make a good novel.

Why is it always "the great American novel"? Isn't it more inclusive to say "the Great Novel"???

I apologise in advance for my next comment, to anyone that has ever written a book, for I am sure I trivialise it. (here it is) I always sort of assumed if I ever tried to write something of substance, it would just sort of flow out of my and onto the page. An incorrect assumption, I'm certain.

And thats just really sad.

So while I see the obvious advantages in this style of SMS conversation, I also find it highlights how infrequently you keep in contact with some people. I texted a friend over the weekend, who had come down to visit. In the course of the conversation I saw that the last message I got from him was on my birthday, 4 months ago. 

While I would have suspected this, knowing it for sure is just sad.

Mini oreos are the best.....

Just part of my (mostly healthy) cache of food I keep at work. I got so addicted to these while we were in Europe, and then sister in Canada brought me back this huge packet when she came home.

Happily they're now available at our tiny local Safeway supermarket!

Patriotism at its best?

well the best its been in my life so far anyway.


I made a very over-ambitious stab last year to read all the back catalogue of Questionable Content; this totally great comic I found online. It started back in 2003 and I’m currently up to #1254. Yeoaw. So I have had two huge hiatus’ (ses?) from reading it. And now, after finally getting to 2008, (only ONE year behind) I’ve just realised its 2010 now, and I’m that much further away again. *Sigh*.

Check it out here if you’re interested http://questionablecontent.net/  and I’m sure there are Crib notes or something on the net that will help you with the backstory (I know they have a Wikipedia page!). Or just ask meeeee!

Our new house!

Our new house, originally uploaded by dataceptionist.

We are officially property moguls with our second property under our belt!
While we won't be able to move in until we move back to Sydney, its still very exciting. Though it also means we're now the official owners of an incredible debt. Thank god I'm not the breadwinner! Hahaha

Its good though, we're very happy. It only took us a year to find a property in our price range and area...

Who comes up with this stuff????

Lingerie football, originally uploaded by dataceptionist.

Ummm, while I can see the entertainment value in this, doesn't it seem more like some guys wet dream rather than an actual sport? A throw away joke in a bad teen move?

Can anybody say; completely unneccessary?

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