66 Days to go!!!!

home sweet home update

They accepted our offer!!!
So now it's all paperwork and we will be the proud owners of a beautiful unit in Brookvale!!!!
Will post pictures when we have some for those of you dying to see : )
Celebration Calippo's!!

home sweet home

We made an offer on a Unit! Just now! I'm really nervous now!! Eek!!

Fug Idol

Did anyone see what that girl Reigan was wearing on Australian Idol last night? Aarrgggh!!!

You can also see it in all it's full length Fug Glory in this group shot, she's on the far right.

It's some sort of bizarre Hippy/Native American/weirdness outift. AND, she sang that song that Nova has totally been overplaying "Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair....in '77 and '69 revolution was in the air...." Kill me. I also might add I though she did a terrible rendition of it and was disappointed as she's sung other thigns wonderfully. And Mark said he was surprised she didn't do something by Celine Dion, I personally would have preferred it. In other things, what is the girl two over from Reigan wearing? She did a fairly ordinary version of My Immortal by Evanesence. Now in my opinion, Amy Lee has (a boring name for such an alternative band, she should change it to something like AnQue) an amazing voice,
fairly unique and strong. I personally wouldn't go there unless you knew you could nail it. This girl (actually I think her name is Atlanta-she should swap names with Amy Lee) did not nail it by any stretch of the imagination.

But back to the Fug, this girl had such potential, she was really cute at other times, as evidenced here. She looks normal, cute, young. None of that tree huggin hippy crap.

Amazingly, Kyle really liked it. And he and Marcia both said they loved what she was wearing. I guess there's no accounting for taste in some people....

Australian Fug

It was hard to spot, but tonight on Idol, just as Jessica came onto the stage, in the audience there was a girl, who literally looked like she was wearing a cardigan backwards. As in, and pause for a moment to imagine, she had put her arms through the back of the cardigan and buttoned it at about shoulder blade height!!
Also, I thought Jessica did "I wanna dance with somebody" really well, and the judges caned her!

Wedding cars

I hate wedding transport. I'm so over it. Seriously, the range out there is immense, they're all really expensive and what do you really get on the day? A set of wheels and no one having to worry how many drinks they've had. Gah. Really I think all you're paying for is not having to think about any of it. The car arrives, it takes you to your man, and then it's all "la la la la la". But shopping for the right company to use it so tedious and exhausting. Bahhhh. But worrying about how to do it without these companies is just as big a headache. Which is why i've been putting it off so much..... Until now. less than 10 weeks to go now and I need to make it happen. That's if anyone will have us now. Grr. Why didn't I do it earlier? because the prices made me want to gnaw off my own arm. with my gums. for hours at a time.
Champers anyone?

How people got to me! ~VIII

It's that time again!!! This week's choice picks include

  • A few referrals from Blogger search on Two Twisted!! Excellent program, which is tonight, and you should all watch! Now! And hey, I'm the first link on this search *ner ner ner ner*
  • Ooh a Google search for "suit hire sydney david jones". Well that could have brought them to a post about Suits or a post about how we're doing our Registry at DJ's now.[actually did I talk about that? Well we are anyway : ) ]
  • Hahahaha Google Search for "dolly how embarrassment" which I'm assuming brought them to this post which is still funny, even when I think back on it. Actually, at work a few weeks ago, a male friend came through reception and we were chatting, normal, normal, then he turned and walked toward one of the doors and I noticed he had a big rip through the seat of his trousers. He was sort of walking with his hands behind his back so I thought he possible already knew it was there, so I said "hey you know your pants are ripped right?" but unfortunately, he didn't know, and he was SO embarrassed. He didn't believe me at first, until I said, "you're wearing red boxers right?". It was right at the beginning of the day also and he said he had a meeting to go into, so he actually went home and changed his pants. Poor guy.
  • A new blog, called Dragon Musings which is by an Artist in Canada, she seems to do Needlepoint!?

Happy Birthday to Zoggy...Happy Birthday to you!!

It's my good friend Zogg's Birthday!!
A big shout out to him, he's turning Even-Older-than-the-Hills!!
And because he's a massive Nerd (or Geek?) I found this Circuit board Cake here (actually yeh this is kind of for Billylou too, oh she of the cakes). Cool though eh?

Aside from that Today is actually really boring....

New features!!

Hi All, you've probably noticed my new look!!! It's all very exciting isn't it!??! Poor Zogg, they're unrolling the new features in stages and he isn't eligible yet : ( Feel for you Zogg.
One of the biggest new features is Labels for the posts, or categories. Check out the Sidebar- each post is in a category now (some in more than one) so you can browse the posts that way if you choose, and ignoring Wedding posts if they annoy you!! (yes Zogg this means you)
So I hope you all enjoy the new look, I've only labelled the last 50 (of 137!!) posts as it's a very tedious process, but all new posts will def. be labelled!


New version of blogger. Testing stuff

Thank god for the freaks

It's been a bit of a freak drought here at my job. This blog used to be all about the freaks, and I'm taking it back there today. Here at work we've taken on 100 new Temps to take phone call enquiries for a particular Government initiative that has just been announced *nudge nudge*. As you can imagine, the sudden injection of 100 people of all races and ages who are available at short notice, are suitable for call centre work and don't need the benefit of a finishing date brings out the best in the candidate range. I'll just pick a few choice ones.

  • The Really Deep Voice guy. This guy, literally sounds like he's taking the piss out of Barry White. He only looks about 20, but his voice makes him sounds like an Alabama Cotton Farmer sitting in a rocking chair on the porch (or would it be verandah?). Not that I've ever been to Alabama, and seen any old men in this position, but a bit of poetic license wouldn't kill you. Seriously though, his voice is amazingly deep. Annoyingly though, he always wants to talk to you. I'm sitting in the break room minding my own business, reading, as I normally do, and he walks in to make coffee---fine, normal normal, but then he says "I don't mean to bother you...." with an upward inflection like a question, hands out in a placating manner- But then, he doesn't say anything!! I'm looking at him, waiting for the next bit and it never comes! He always tries to strike up conversation, not in a "hey baby how you goin' " way, or a polite conversation way, just in a "hey you there-I'm interesting and quirky and let's chat!" way. Gah.

  • Guy that reminds me of non-descript-loser-character-in-teen-movie-sans-glasses. There's this guy, bugs the hell out of me. Always says hi as he walks past (Oh you know the type, they're all hello, and hi...) I can't quite put my finger on why he irritates me so. I do know that a few days ago the CEO had a visitor waiting in Reception and he walked past and was like "hey, how's it goin" to him! I mean you just don't do that! You have your standard good-morning-ers, and they're fine, I like to think you earn your good morning priveledges though. You can't just go good morninging everyone, and these guys have only been here a week! A polite closed-lip smile suffices until you move along to a wider, "how are you with the eyes" smile, and then eventually you graduate to good morning or a hi, and eventually, a "how are you" verbally (which only certain people you actually listen to the response anyway-It's true!)

  • All the people who don't know how to make coffee. It came to our attention that some of these newies were making their coffee incorrectly at the espresso machine. The system is thus- There's a small fridge with the milk near the machine, you take out a bottle of milk, dip the tw hoses into the bottle of milk, make your coffee, then put the milk bottle back in the fridge. Between coffee making, the milk hoses rest in a clear jug, somtimes with a bit of water in the bottom. The temps were pouring the milk into the jug of filth and then making their coffee!! EWWWW. I really didn't think the system looked that hard to follow.....

That's all the freaks for just now, might have more later. A few other work related funnies though.

The CEO walked into the dark boardroom (very infrequent-usually the PA does it) as he is obviously expecting guests. After pottering around a for a few minutes, he comes out again and says to me, "if anyone goes in there before 11 o'clock, tell them if they don't leave it exactly as it is now I'll kick them". LOL.

On the level above us they're carrying out works to refit the level for new tenants. As such there are all sort of weird banging noises and stuff all the time, the column near the water cooler even sounds like they're someone trapped in there sometimes hehehe. On that note, I'm sitting here blogging earlier, when the small cupboard that sits under my desk, that my leg leans up against, I feel this tapping from the inside. It felt exactly like there was some sort of small child I had locked in the cupboard and was knocking to be let out! Hahahaha. It was so funny and bizarre I rang Zogg right away! : )

I hate them!!!!

I don't care if they're in season, I don't care if they're in style, I don't care if even Manolo Blahnik is making them!!! I have these....Things!! Some sites are calling them "Shoe boots" Call them Fug Boots I say! They're ugly, you can't wear them with anything but pants, these ones are grey suede for heavens sake! Who conceives of these things?

::: Shoe-concept-think-tank :::

"umm well I think knee high boots are simpy too long for this season.....

what about over the knee?.....

no I said too LONG idiot...

sorry....umm....what about court shoes?...

no they're too Court-y, and not boot-like at all....

what about calf height?.....

no that's been done, we need something new, something fresh,
something cutting edge that says-we love the pump and the boot equally. I know!
We could make a pair of Pumps and add some frilly leather-like-material to the top that sort-of-almost goes up to that part of your ankle you always forget to shave and when you do you slice yourself to ribbons, so you can't quite wear socks with
them, and trouser pantyhose it too long unless you scrunch it down! But don't cover the ankle bone, no no, just below there. Gold! Now, what colour.....

how about hot pink?....

No No No!! Pink is SO last season.....I know! Grey!! It's so hot right now....and Suede! So practical!!

It's like the shoe fug of the future is creeping into society... This is the how-to on one website

How You'll Wear Them: 1. With a tailored, 1940's style suit and pair of black (or gray leggings) 2. to add a bit of femininity to a pair of tailored menswear pants 3. with a ultra mini and pair of bright colored tights

It's a how to of fug! Leggings! With these ankle monstrosities! A mini and coloured tights! Arrrgghhhh. Just makes you want to give up on it all.

Hug it out

Hahahahaha, Just read this post a Geese A Plenty, V funny.
Check it out.

Two Twisted

Did anyone watch this last night? And last week? I read this interesting thing in yesterday's TV Guide that was saying that Australia is bemoaning the lack of quality australian drama's on free to air but then when they do make them and they do put them on, no one watches them! I don't know about last night's episode but last week's only pulled in like 1.1 Million viewers or something, which apparently isn't many.
There's a link between the episodes each week and I missed last night's! I got the first week easy peasy but this one, totally didn't see anything. They remind me a lot of this cartoon that used to be on ABC in the afternoon, a filler cartoon that only ran for 5 minutes, and it was called Twisted Tales. They were all essentially cartoons of Urban Myths and at the end the voiceover would say "This is a true story-it happened to a friend of a friend of mine..."
That was a good cartoon...
But anyway, I think Two twisted is very good, last week was a very suspense twin set, this week's less so. And I've just been to the Nine Website and know what the Link was!!! WOO WOO. Anyone else know?

Eternia will be ours!!

I don't know why it surprises me, but there is a website devoted entirely to He-Man and She-ra. There are Galleries, headings such as Eternian News, Ten Commandments, Petitions and Campaigns, and interestingly, Christian Response to Moral Issues. Now maybe I'm thinking of a different children's cartoon, but I didn't think there were any Moral Issues. What, is transforming of people and animals (tiger and horse respectively) just too much for Jesus? I think people are reading a little too much into this, I mean really, it's just fantasy.
Umm, and I've just actually clicked onto the "Ten Commandments" button, and they're the actual Commandments. I was expecting a bit of "Thou shalt not wear any kind of thigh covering device", but no, it's all "though shalt kill" and stuff. Creepy.

Omg! In the "Action Figures" section-

It's my Crystal Castle!! I think this might still be under the House at HAH's as well... Seriously Awesome though. I remember all the horses and the girl with the "evil side" whose head spun around with two different expressions. She wore Green.

How people got to me! ~VII

Hehee, when I check to see who's on this very minute, it's someone from a Government Domain in Burwood, and someone from a Telstra domain in Wodonga VIC!! LOL.

Do you know that Blogger is introducing new features that will eventually allow me to post my entries into categories! So I could have a "how people got to me....." category! and A wedding category, and an "other" category, which Zogg Jones helpfully pointed out to me, would be the section he would read, without fighting through all the wedding business! LOL

  • Ooh.... someone looking up Elizabeth De Varga Stockists on Google.... {Shhh, this is who is making my dress that we're copying}
  • Hehehe, a Blogger search for Krispy Kreme! Which brought up-wait for it~ 47,234 hits! I'm somewhere in there.....
  • A referral from my good friend Zogg's blog, Oddlight. He's a wacky guy.
  • *sucks in breath* ooh a Blogger Search for Anorexics Unite. I hope they were trying to find me....
  • LOL! We're big on the Blogger searches today!! Search for "Busta Rhymes/ Janet Jackson- What's it gonna be?!" which brought them to My post on the Most Expensive Videos! I still haven't heard this song yet...

And that's it for this week!

I would like to point out again though, that there are always lots of "Unknown" entries. So you frequent visitors may be on a different reporting section, and don't think you aren't noticed!!!! (and loved)

And Btw-our Burwood Visitor, 29 minutes later, is still reading my page! Heehee!!! Hello to you!!!

Feeling the Blog love....

Spreading some blog love today. If you're a blogger, leave a comment and I will peruse your words of wit at my earliest convenience!!

Krispy Kreme disgustingness

I cannot join with the thousands of others who find these things delicious. "try them fresh" I've been told. Or I could strap the donuts to my midsection and ask Isobel if they'll be a problem. I just don't get it, I don't like them. And when it comes to donuts, give me a Donut King donut any day. This Krispy Kreme mania that has swept us all along I just find confusing. And who wants to go all the way to Penrith or Liverpool for Drive through Donuts? Wouldn't all that time spent in the car make you realise what you were doing? An hour-for donuts!
C'mon, am I alone here? I think also, they're covered in icing! Which makes for a logistical nightmare, there's nowhere to hold them!
You end up covered in sticky messy goo, unsatisfied. Uhhhh.......*cough* moving on....

How people got to me! ~VI

I'm sorry we missed this section last week.
  • Google Search for A Movie called "The Purple and The Black". Of course in my post I'm talking about the silk for the Bridesmaids not a bizarro movie!!
  • A google search for Outrageous Wedding Crap. I got a hit here because I mentioned Riona's Godawful Wedding Crap site, but amazingly, I rank on the first search page, but Riona's page doesn't! Look out for the website above mine called "Mary Kay Sucks" Which I find hilarious (for those of you who don't know, Mary Kay is like Nutrimetics, but bigger than NM in USA)
  • A Google Search for "The challenge of the 9" {which if you ask me, sounds like some sort of Cult activity. Creepy.} Don't know if this person found what they were looking for, but this search brought the person to an inane post of mine about the nine-letter word in the Sydney Morning Herald!!
  • Hmm...more searches on Pro-Ana. This is a very serious issue I dabbled in. My outrage lives on though.
  • A serious looking blog, American. Carl Ballard. way too serious looking for me in fact.
  • LOL. A very bizarre looking Google Search. I'm stumped really. Maybe Oddlight can tell me what we're looking at here. C'mon, you know you want to explain it to me in your nerdy language I don't understand....
  • Some other blogs I think accidentally stumbled here. Somehow....I don't know....

Thats some pricey spandex...

Well if this isn't one of the more interesting things I've read today!

1 . "Scream" by Janet and Michael Jackson for $7 Mil. $USD prob. I love this song. I remember this video, it was great! There was lots of Shiny Gold from what I remember, a vaguely Space sort of theme, and lots of lank Jackson hair. I can't think of why it would be so goddam expensive though!

2. "Victory" by Puff Daddy, way down from # 1 at only $2.7 Mil. I have no idea what this is. Enlighten me anyone?

3. "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey at $2.5 Mil. This was a pretty song, never saw the video. Any ideas people on its exorbitant cost? was she wearing a piece of $2 million dollar spandex over her crotch?

4. "What's It Gonna Be?!" by Busta Rhymes Feat Janet Jackson at $2.4 Mil. Hmm, more Janet.

5 "Larger than Life" By the Backstreet Boys at $2.1 Mil. Hehe, a very electronic song. I rather liked it, this being just before their decline about 5 years ago when we were in year 11 or 12. The video was set in space with a giant spaceship and there was lots of choreographed dancing (what am I saying-it was Backstreet Boys-of course there was) and they were wearing spacesuits. I guess for that genuine look it'd be pricey.

6. "fairyland" by Ayumi Hayasaki at an even $2 million. (yep I have no idea who that is)

6. "Bedtime Story" by Madonna also $2 mil. Now my resident expert of all things `donna, Billylou, will be able to tell us why this would have been so expensive. Is this the one that was R+ rated?

6. "Express yourself" also by Madonna also $2 Mil. I'm sure I've seen it but I can't distinguish it between all the Madonna I have in my head. I know Vogue has lots of Black and white and Marilyn Monroe looking Mads. Was it all the extras she hired?

6. "Miami" by Will Smith also $2 Mil. I don't know this song I don't think. Was this spawned from a Will Smith movie like all his other songs? I do like Will Smith though. Imagine a pumping bass beat while he belts out "do the robot" (AI-for those of you playing at home)

6. "She's a bitch" by Missy Elliott again 2 mil. Hmm...missy. Your best showing was in Lady Marmalade for Moulin Rouge. I imagine this video features lots of inappropriate wardrobe changes.

7. "Unpretty" by TLC at $1.6 Mil. *sigh* I really like this song too. I think it would have been expensive for the viedo because the background was possibly all computer imaged? They were dancing in front of psychadelic backgrounds (not in an Austin Powers sort of way but). Is that right everyone?

8. "November Rain" by Guns'N'Roses for only $1.5 mil. I love this song I love it I love it. "Do you need some time, on your own?". The guitar riffs of my childhood. *sniff* this video is a wedding thats getting ruined by rain. So by all accounts its a pretty authentic looking wedding, so I imagine that's where a chunk of the budget went. It's a very long song as well, like 7 or 9 minutes, so I guess they needed to film for that long which is all money.

8. and "Girlfriend/Boyfriend" by BLACKstreet and Janet Jackson also for the paltry sum of $1.5 mil. no idea. never seen it. And C'mon Janet! What's with the expensive film tastes!?


Now I want everyone to think about this picture for a moment. Imagine the possibilities for it.

Think about what this might be.

Now read what Re- the Fug-spotter sent with this picture

  • Fug watch! Sneaky movie theatre shot, in case you cant tell this girl is wearing one of those leotards that does up at the crotch, only not done up!!

And I think that speaks for itself.

quick hello

I haven't forgotten you all in Blog land! Just been very busy......

It's ok-The wedding IS STILL ON

It's been a bleak blog free few days hasn't it? I've been sick since my last post, yesterday being the last of a string of days where I didn't feel like I was getting better. But thankfully I'm on the mend.
-----Amended-this post started on Monday-it's now Friday. Sorry, been very busy-----

But now we're back on track. So many things to update on! I know it's been a while, and everything is still on! There's been heaps happening actually.

  • Boys suits! The boys went to the suit hire place and two of four GM and our Groom all got fitted for their suits. They looked so spiffy! *tear* And Mark did a complete about face and went for the full fit out, when we'd been talking about open collar shirts and no waistcoasts! Now we have both. We're going with a black wc for the GM and purple ties in the same silk as the BM's. The Groom will have tie, hanky, and wc all in the same fabric as my dress to match. : ) And HAH has kindly offered to make these all for us, which is brilliant as it will save us a bit.
  • Went house hunting same day as the suits. Tedious and depressing. Wish we could just find the house for us : (
  • Bridemaid's dresses! Lot happened on this front. We bought the silk in the purple and the black for them all. Isobel made up toiles (calico's) for all girls and invited them to come be fitted. Beeberino and Re got fitted and that was cool. We talked lots of dress : ) Got it all figured out now we think. So that was Tuesday and then Izzy was keen to get some lining so she popped into Town and bought it so she could cut the silk and lining at the same time. So now she's got Beeb and Re all cut out! So this weekend we'll fix them up for proper fittings in their dresses. Whee!!! It's all very exciting at the moment! Apologies for photo quality also, it's taken with my phone as I forgot to take my proper camera : )
  • My dress! Movement on this front too, we went into the city and bought the fabric for my dress yesterday : ) No pics because of Mr Groom. But it was cool and I really feel like we're moving now.
  • Invites and Stationery. Things rocketing along on this front too! We've decided on style and design and Mr Groom's cousin's husband is a printer and he's being absolutely wonderful by printing up all our bits and bobs. I'm really excited about the invites actually, I can't wait til we've got them all ready *Clapping hands together gleefully*
  • Gift Registry- We started our Bridal Registry at Myer at Warringah Mall over the weekend and it was also, very tedious. Amazingly so really. I'm sure it's meant to be fun, but we didn't find it fun. They didn't have a lot of stock, because of their History Making Clearance, they were just that-clear. So the range wasn't fab. We went through for about three hours and then it had worn us down so much we called it a day. We wandered into David Jones after Myer actually and were hit with such choice! They had SO much stock in comparison to Myer it was almost Laughable. So now we're thinking of changing to DJ's, purely for the choice. Eca-Myer had no "fun" things! No Home Decorator style section!! Just function. : ( (have just tried unsuccessfully to upload a picture of a gift but it didn't work so you'll have to just imagine it.)

I think that's all for the mo.

94 days to go

Too sick to be interesting or witty Sorry.

aaahhhh kill me

the day is getting closer and closer now. You know the one I mean.

Moving day!! (Da da DA!!!)
Yes I am dreading it. I've only moved (all my stuff) once in my short life and I remember lying on the couch screaming "Never again!". Knowing of course that I would, but hoping that my love of the salmon swirl carpet and dinghy loungeroom would blossom into a lifetime partnership.
So we are looking for a unit at the moment with eye to buying and I can't help but try to spend as little time as possible in my own home so that I might avoid the inevitable roaming eye that thinks "how am I going to wrap that?" "do I really need to take my entire earring collection?" The answer of course being yes, I just hate having to consider the transport issue.......

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