How people got to me! ~VIII

It's that time again!!! This week's choice picks include

  • A few referrals from Blogger search on Two Twisted!! Excellent program, which is tonight, and you should all watch! Now! And hey, I'm the first link on this search *ner ner ner ner*
  • Ooh a Google search for "suit hire sydney david jones". Well that could have brought them to a post about Suits or a post about how we're doing our Registry at DJ's now.[actually did I talk about that? Well we are anyway : ) ]
  • Hahahaha Google Search for "dolly how embarrassment" which I'm assuming brought them to this post which is still funny, even when I think back on it. Actually, at work a few weeks ago, a male friend came through reception and we were chatting, normal, normal, then he turned and walked toward one of the doors and I noticed he had a big rip through the seat of his trousers. He was sort of walking with his hands behind his back so I thought he possible already knew it was there, so I said "hey you know your pants are ripped right?" but unfortunately, he didn't know, and he was SO embarrassed. He didn't believe me at first, until I said, "you're wearing red boxers right?". It was right at the beginning of the day also and he said he had a meeting to go into, so he actually went home and changed his pants. Poor guy.
  • A new blog, called Dragon Musings which is by an Artist in Canada, she seems to do Needlepoint!?

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