We're off to see our broker, the wonderful broker of....Oz?

We're off tonight to talk to our mortgage broker about buying a house. An exciting time, as it may be the first step to becoming property moguls, as we plan to keep our unit.

*fingers crossed*

This will go perfectly with the fridge...

I Just Lost My Appetite…

Frame Shop | Moscow, ID, USA

(A customer comes in with “artistic” nude pictures of herself and her husband, and throws them on the counter.)

Customer: “What kind of frame should I put on these? They are going in the kitchen.”

Me: “The kitchen, huh? Well, I can start you off with a few options.” *I show her a few frames*

Customer: “…and how much would this be?”

Me: “$350.00 each.”

Customer: “For $350.00 I’d expect something a little more… phallic.”

Well yeah its a bit judgemental....

Fit To Be Wide

Retail | Missouri, USA
(An angry, overweight female customer approaches me with a Nintendo Wii Fit and hands me her receipt.)

Me: “Hi, what can I help you with today?”
Customer: “I’d like to return this.”
Me: “What seems to be the problem with it?”
Customer: “I think it’s broken.”
Me: “All right, what’s going on?”
Customer: “Whenever it weighs me and calculates my BMI, it labels me as obese.”
Me: “And…”
Customer: “Well, that can’t be right!”
Me: “From what I’ve heard, the measurements on Wii Fits are fairly accurate. Are you sure you want to return this? They’re pretty hard to find.”
Customer: “Are you calling me fat?!”
Me: “No, I’m just saying that…”
Customer: “You just called me fat!
Me: “No, I was just saying…”
Customer: “Whatever. I still want to return it. It’s obviously not working right. And, I think someone should talk to the designer; make them use a different word. It hurt my feelings.”
Me: *soothingly* “Maybe you could contact Nintendo; write a letter or something.”
Customer: “You know what, I will! I’ll let them know that their stupid game called me obese and made me cry for three hours straight. I haven’t eaten solid food for two days because of it. I’m so hungry! I almost fainted last night. Do you think I can sue?”
Me: “Well, you can sure try. Have a nice day.”

Sunset in AZ

Sunset in AZ, originally uploaded by Vibranttaste.

Amazing! These kinds of photos are why I love Flickr. Its so much more than just somewhere to store your photos.

I'm getting better___

SNC00190, originally uploaded by dataceptionist.

______________at making coffee on the machine at home.

I bought a new macch glass. Still playing with it

M has gone away for a boys weekend.

I totally hate sleeping alone. I don't share the sentiment with other girls that love when their partners go away so they can "spread out" in the bed.

I just feel lonely.

365 DAYS

A friend of the blog, Network Geek, has started a 365 project on Flickr. It's been around for a while on Flickr, and NG is the first person I "know" to have attempted it. And its a big project. The idea, for those of you unfamiliar-
The Challenge: Take one self portrait each day for a year.

Each day, take a self portrait, tag it with "365days", and submit it to the pool. It's that simple!

For our detailed rules, please have a read through our group rules.
So now I'm thinking of giving it a go. I'm still struggling however, with the idea that its a completely narcissistic and selfish pursuit. I'm starting to come down on the "yes it is, but who cares really" side of things.
The pool of photos is here and when you get away from the fact that people are taking a photo of themselves, some of the pictures are fantastic. I think its a really interesting creative project, since you have to keep coming up with new ideas and new concepts to keep it fresh.
You can look at NG's 365 days set here.
I'm still undecided.....

I'm sorry....

I know I haven't posted much lately. I'm just not really feeling the blogging vibe lately.

66th Annual Golden Globes - Red carpet


Not horrid, but certainly not good.
And Deer-in-headlights-look she's sporting doesn't help...
Satin bedsheet never a good idea for a dress

Things I don't want to see when House-hunting

  • A webcam set up, pointed at your bed, attached to a monitor AND two Tv's.
  • A douche/bidet/garden hose nozzle attached to your toilet (both of them)
  • The contents of your fridge, strewn across the bench because you're in the middle of cleaning it out
  • Crayon ALL OVER the walls
And this was just one house.....makes me wonder if you actually want to sell....

Honourable mention to an incident when we were looking for a property a few years ago
  • A note taped to your shower saying "please don't hurt Spidey, he is our friend". Complete with giant huntsman spider in corner. We're fairly sure they were tenants that didn't want to move, and the owner would have been horrified probably.

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