Merry Christmas!

Milky coffee yuk

Milky coffee yuk, originally uploaded by dataceptionist.

Today's coffee.

The Coffee lady has gone on her yearly break again. So begins again the Great Mona Macch Hunt.

Yahoo! stuff up

Holy cow, a memo has been leaked about how Management are to "handle" the lay-off of over 1500 staff.
Check out the whole Memo at ValleyWag ;;
Yahoo's script for performing the layoff begins when the boss walks up to an employee getting the sack. And then he says, "Thank you, [FIRST NAME HERE], for coming in. I have some information regarding our organization I'd like to tell you in person." The anodyne managementspeak just gets worse from there: "I appreciate what you have done for Yahoo."
  • DO - Keep meeting to 15 minutes maximum,
  • Be very clear on the next steps and the remainder of the day
  • DON'T - Say you disagree with the decision,
  • Make comments like "you'll have time off for the holidays"
Bad form Yahoo!....

To iPhone or not to iPhone...that WAS the question

Very excited, have decided once and for all that I'm going to get the new Samsung Omnia.
Had quite a debate raging for a while, Omnia vs iPhone vs Blackberry Storm. The Nokia version wasn't ever really in the running because from reports they haven't really developed a contender yet, but I can't see it being far off.

Eca has an iPhone, and I've had a play, and they ARE very cool. Plus their advertising has been very compelling ....

The Blackberry looked good. I was interested to know how they would fare in the debate, as I've never had a Blackberry, but I'm aware of their CrackBerry nickname.
The Blackberry Storm lost in the end because while you could say they have a TouchScreen, in a fashion, its actually one giant clear button for a display screen, which makes textng really slow, which put it straight out of the running.
But in the end the Omnia won because
  • It has bluetooth
  • It has MMS
  • It has a flash on the camera.
Simple as that. I'll post pix when I actually have it! Squee!

Hehehe christmas is silly

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Well I'm freakin' exhausted...

5 pairs of shoes
3 handbags
3 dresses and 2 outfits
5 cups of coffee
1 energy drink
copious glasses of champagne
25 bobby pins
too little sleep
too much glitter
and $800.
Thats what a weekend looks like in retrospect when you're trying to figure out where it went....
And a crippling desire for a foot massage
 Event # 1 - The Races
BLL Xmas Party 08
Event # 2 - Costume xmas party
Xmas cousins Lunch
Event #3 - Lunch with the girls.
In other news, we now know 7 girls that are pregnant, all due June/July next year. September was clearly a busy month....

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