To iPhone or not to iPhone...that WAS the question

Very excited, have decided once and for all that I'm going to get the new Samsung Omnia.
Had quite a debate raging for a while, Omnia vs iPhone vs Blackberry Storm. The Nokia version wasn't ever really in the running because from reports they haven't really developed a contender yet, but I can't see it being far off.

Eca has an iPhone, and I've had a play, and they ARE very cool. Plus their advertising has been very compelling ....

The Blackberry looked good. I was interested to know how they would fare in the debate, as I've never had a Blackberry, but I'm aware of their CrackBerry nickname.
The Blackberry Storm lost in the end because while you could say they have a TouchScreen, in a fashion, its actually one giant clear button for a display screen, which makes textng really slow, which put it straight out of the running.
But in the end the Omnia won because
  • It has bluetooth
  • It has MMS
  • It has a flash on the camera.
Simple as that. I'll post pix when I actually have it! Squee!

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K said...
December 16, 2008 3:31 PM

I'm so glad you didn't go for an iphone. Resist the marketing!!

Tell me what your omnia is like tho...

K said...
December 16, 2008 3:35 PM

And re your comment on my blog re Facebook service - did you see dropped you the same link?

I think its great. If you're going to open yourself up like that...

Dataceptionist said...
December 16, 2008 3:47 PM

Hahahaha I did read that, but because one was SMH and the other I didn't realise it was the same story haahahaha. I actually thought I was linking a different story for more discussion. Hahahaha

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