Bizarre news headlines

Top three stories in today's Brisbane Times
  1. Beach orgy shocks conservative Taiwan
  2. Pastor had sex with daughters
  3. Heroin addicted elephant to rejoin herd

Yes, I'm into Rugby League

And yes, I still like pink. I blame my husband (for the football, not the pink)
Which probably makes me a "try-hard" right? Well I don't really care. :P
Moving on....

I joined the rest of the fans last night who were riveted as Andrew "Joey" Johns poured his guts out and admitted he's been doing drugs for about 10 years. After his pathetic "someone else put it in my pocket and I forgot to take it out" {which didn't wash in high school, and doesn't wash with the international media either funnily}, he came clean about the whole thing, admitting he knew it was ecstasy when he was given it and put it in his pocket "to take later". He then stupidly got on the Tube/train with some girls and when he got off at the station he needed, approached a transit officer and asked how to buy a ticket {dumb in our country too Joey- but then he probably doesn't catch the train much now...}
I have carefully avoided reading anything about this before I wrote my post because I have a few theories as to why he would do this, and didn't want them impressioned by other commentators.

1. There are so many other people that know he's been taking drugs that it was now only a matter of time before some dealer got paid $20K by New Idea for the story.
2. His sponsors leaned on him to tell the whole truth about the matter.
3. He genuinely wanted to come clean.
4. He's self-destructing because of the intense pressure to be a good role-model in Rugby League, and sabotaged his own career (without being completely aware of this intent).

And that's my little psycho-analysis of the situation.
I find 2 & 4 most intriguing and feel one of these is likely. 2. because he was SO honest and SO frank about it, it felt like he'd been told it had to be a complete confession.
Interestingly Matty Johns (brother) when they asked if he'd known, replied that when he first heard from Brian Carney (UK player who played with Newcastle last season), who rang him before the media got ahold of the story, his first thought was he thought Joey was dead. So he was relieived that he'd only been arrested.

Porny goodness

Well I don't know about you, but I was unaware that there are 1000 new porn sites created every day on the net.

I was also unaware that apparently 50% of Christian men, and 20% of Christian women polled on ChristiaNet say they are addicted to porn.


Another porny fact- the demand for high speed broadband and faster video streaming is directly fueled by the porn industry (the watchers I mean). Bizarre. But logical.

Now what I have to say next may shock you-
I have seen the pornography.

I actually kind of feel like I'm missing a part of my generation by not having seen "One Night In Paris". Has anyone seen it? Is it worth it? (no I don't mean I'm considering buying it, this isn't Shrek 3 we're discussing)

Best Ever




Infidel - Ayaan Hirsi Ali ****/*

An amazing book about the life of a woman who grew up a devout Muslim in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. For me, it was an incredible insight into Islam from a woman's perspective who went on to be a fierce critic of Islam after she fled to The Netherlands and became a prominent controversial political figure in Dutch parliament.
Highly recommend, and I intend to go on to read The Caged Virgin, a collection of essays she has written on the matter also.
Good article
here in SMH from when she was in Oz

4.5 / 5


How Excitement!
I've won two tickets to Bell Shakespeare's Macbeth opening tonight at the Glen St Theatre!!!

Post Secret

If you can't view the movie, consider dropping in on every once in a while. Whole site updated every Sunday.

Every heartbeat bears your name...

Loud and clear they stake my claim- yeah!
my red blood runs true blue-
and ev-ery heart-beat belongs to you!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see Amy Grant on fug today. I mean I wasn't excited she was being fugged, I was just excited to see her anywhere!
See in year four my primary school did some sort of performance where every year had to do something, and our year had a dance to Amy Grant's song, "Every HeartBeat". It was an odd arrangement, someone decided it would be a great idea to make a routine using these weird red rubber balls, smaller than a soccer ball, and the sequence involved bouncing them on your knees and passing the ball around your waist. Then the rest of us stood in a semi circle at the back with these large cardboard posters with brightly coloured hearts, moving them in time with the music. You wonder where people come up with these ideas really.
I found out many years later (I think I also owned the whole album on cassette) that she was a Christian singer, sometimes referred to as Christian Music's First Lady, which probably made it all the more bizarre that our year did a performance to the song.

Sunset at our place.

100_1791.JPG, originally uploaded by dataceptionist.

See photostream for more. (in sidebar)

A dream becomes a nightmare

A VERY interesting site run by a guy who had just bought a Lamborghini MurciƩlago,
only days later to have it smash through a guard rail.
As he entreats visitors-

Driving mistake or material defect
on a straight Autobahn at about 68% of maximum speed
and a skilled driver on board?

Be your own judge!


Its a very interesting read.

Skiing, terror and underpants

I had the bizarrest dream last night.
We were going to the snow, (something that has been on my mind this ski season, we'd have gone if we could afford it) and it was a last minute thing, we just decided to go. And for some reason I travelled down seperately to Mark, and we were going to meet down there. So I get off the bus that I'd caught, and had no idea where to go, but got there in the end and trudged off in the snow to find our lodge, or whatever.
So I think I'm lugging Skis, or something huge and heavy around, and I get to our lodgings and we're on like the 8th floor or something. Which is fine, except that the stair case is on the outside of the building, bigger than a fire escape, but with the snow all coming in and the floor was just like a metal grate, and it was slippery cos there was snow all over it, and the higher I climbed up to our room the more terrified I got as I was high up, I could see through the floor (one of my pet hates when I start reaching height-or if I'm over water) it was slippery (I may have fallen over) and on my way up Leigh and Dad pass me on the stairs and are all "whats the hold up" as you do. Dad almost hoisted me over his shoulder fireman style except that I was even more terrified at the thought of being dropped over the side of the balcony/staircase thing.
So I eventually get all the way to the top, and for some inexplicable reason someone else had packed my bag for me at home, and in the bag (which someone else was also unpacking? What am I-an invalid?) was this new set of knickers and bra which I really did buy just the other day from Big W, nothing exciting, but when the person unpacked them I said "oh did Mark see them?" and the person said yes, and I was filled with immense disappointment as I'd been saving them.....
And then I woke up. It was so bizarre!!

Lowest of the Low

".... A Utah teenager killed in a car wreck had his headstone repossessed after a $750 bill for it went unpaid.

"That's just business," said Linda Anderson of Memorial Art Monument.

"If we give every stone to everybody, we'd be out of business. They'd repossess your car if you didn't make payments." ......"

R.I.P. Common Decency....

New York Post

More Presidential Playthings

The latest addition, Guiliani Girl. Created from the same people though, so not quite as bad???
And I didn't think Guiliani was running....??

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