Yes, I'm into Rugby League

And yes, I still like pink. I blame my husband (for the football, not the pink)
Which probably makes me a "try-hard" right? Well I don't really care. :P
Moving on....

I joined the rest of the fans last night who were riveted as Andrew "Joey" Johns poured his guts out and admitted he's been doing drugs for about 10 years. After his pathetic "someone else put it in my pocket and I forgot to take it out" {which didn't wash in high school, and doesn't wash with the international media either funnily}, he came clean about the whole thing, admitting he knew it was ecstasy when he was given it and put it in his pocket "to take later". He then stupidly got on the Tube/train with some girls and when he got off at the station he needed, approached a transit officer and asked how to buy a ticket {dumb in our country too Joey- but then he probably doesn't catch the train much now...}
I have carefully avoided reading anything about this before I wrote my post because I have a few theories as to why he would do this, and didn't want them impressioned by other commentators.

1. There are so many other people that know he's been taking drugs that it was now only a matter of time before some dealer got paid $20K by New Idea for the story.
2. His sponsors leaned on him to tell the whole truth about the matter.
3. He genuinely wanted to come clean.
4. He's self-destructing because of the intense pressure to be a good role-model in Rugby League, and sabotaged his own career (without being completely aware of this intent).

And that's my little psycho-analysis of the situation.
I find 2 & 4 most intriguing and feel one of these is likely. 2. because he was SO honest and SO frank about it, it felt like he'd been told it had to be a complete confession.
Interestingly Matty Johns (brother) when they asked if he'd known, replied that when he first heard from Brian Carney (UK player who played with Newcastle last season), who rang him before the media got ahold of the story, his first thought was he thought Joey was dead. So he was relieived that he'd only been arrested.

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Re said...
September 02, 2007 5:07 PM

Yes I think that this is symptomatic of a much larger issue.
I mean you pay these people a small fortune, then expect them to sit around drinking tea on a friday night?
I think not (and in fact distinctly remember one night in a kings cross night club litrally running into Willy Mason, I be he wasn't there to sample the night life)

I am sure there are plenty of clean players out there, but surely this cannot go on, I mean 'random drug testing' can only be described as a joke now surely?
This not taints the players who are doing it right, but surely it's as dangerous as hell to go out onto the field either drunk/high or scattered from the night before. I know it says in my employee handbook not to come to work under the influence.

Re said...
September 02, 2007 5:08 PM

PS pardon the lousy spelling apprently I didn't proof it before I pressed publish.

BillyLou said...
September 04, 2007 12:25 PM

I just don't know why everyone is surprised every time this happens.

Secondly, should it matter what a person does in their spare time? Shouldn't it be a personal choice whether or not they want to put drugs in their body?

I dunno. Football. *lame*

Re said...
September 06, 2007 8:27 PM

Yeah but the problem is the best drug taking time ie; the weekend happens to not be free time but the time when they work.

PrincesseEmma said...
March 30, 2008 6:22 PM

Good to see another woman whose not afraid to say she's a fan of rugby league!

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