Skiing, terror and underpants

I had the bizarrest dream last night.
We were going to the snow, (something that has been on my mind this ski season, we'd have gone if we could afford it) and it was a last minute thing, we just decided to go. And for some reason I travelled down seperately to Mark, and we were going to meet down there. So I get off the bus that I'd caught, and had no idea where to go, but got there in the end and trudged off in the snow to find our lodge, or whatever.
So I think I'm lugging Skis, or something huge and heavy around, and I get to our lodgings and we're on like the 8th floor or something. Which is fine, except that the stair case is on the outside of the building, bigger than a fire escape, but with the snow all coming in and the floor was just like a metal grate, and it was slippery cos there was snow all over it, and the higher I climbed up to our room the more terrified I got as I was high up, I could see through the floor (one of my pet hates when I start reaching height-or if I'm over water) it was slippery (I may have fallen over) and on my way up Leigh and Dad pass me on the stairs and are all "whats the hold up" as you do. Dad almost hoisted me over his shoulder fireman style except that I was even more terrified at the thought of being dropped over the side of the balcony/staircase thing.
So I eventually get all the way to the top, and for some inexplicable reason someone else had packed my bag for me at home, and in the bag (which someone else was also unpacking? What am I-an invalid?) was this new set of knickers and bra which I really did buy just the other day from Big W, nothing exciting, but when the person unpacked them I said "oh did Mark see them?" and the person said yes, and I was filled with immense disappointment as I'd been saving them.....
And then I woke up. It was so bizarre!!

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