Every heartbeat bears your name...

Loud and clear they stake my claim- yeah!
my red blood runs true blue-
and ev-ery heart-beat belongs to you!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see Amy Grant on fug today. I mean I wasn't excited she was being fugged, I was just excited to see her anywhere!
See in year four my primary school did some sort of performance where every year had to do something, and our year had a dance to Amy Grant's song, "Every HeartBeat". It was an odd arrangement, someone decided it would be a great idea to make a routine using these weird red rubber balls, smaller than a soccer ball, and the sequence involved bouncing them on your knees and passing the ball around your waist. Then the rest of us stood in a semi circle at the back with these large cardboard posters with brightly coloured hearts, moving them in time with the music. You wonder where people come up with these ideas really.
I found out many years later (I think I also owned the whole album on cassette) that she was a Christian singer, sometimes referred to as Christian Music's First Lady, which probably made it all the more bizarre that our year did a performance to the song.

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Anonymous said...
April 19, 2008 1:57 PM

i guess it was supposed to mimic a heart beat? you know, how every heart beat sends blood corpusles and red blood cells and plasma and what all throughtout your circulatory system? but yar, i must agree. who the heck comes up with that stuff? whats weirder? if you take the love song aspect of every heartbeat, and change it from a song about loving some boyfriend, to a song about loving God? and it still fits? kinda weird yea? hahah christian music's first lady indeed.

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