Gosh, Four months, How did that happen.

Feeling an unholy amount of guilt about my lack of blogittude.

Sorry dudes.

Some recent developments -

Got my motorbike learners.
Bought a helmet. Naturally it is pink.

Tried to go to the snow to go skiing on the weekend. But it was too foggy :(

New job is good. Extremely busy, so have been super slack at internets.

We haven't hooked up the internet at home yet, so haven't had time to sit and blog at home either.

We're getting a housemate! Haven't lived with anyone other than M of course since we got married, and its a good opportunity to have some fun. Keep rationalising to myself that we'll be unlikely to live with anyone else ever now, and M has never had the pleasure of sharing.
Should be interesting.

We've just had our second lot of visitors in our new town. Unfortunatley they were sick as dogs, but we still really enjoyed having them down.

My sisters are coming to visit in two weeks, and thats exciting.
Sister that was in Canada came home with a bang, We went to Sydney to see Chicago, and it was awesome. Having organised to catch up with some friends and the Domestic Sister after the show, turned the corner and there is Canadian sister home for good. I was so shocked I started crying in the middle of the concourse at Star City Casino while people streamed around us.

It was such an incredible moment.

Country living is working better for us that expected. We're really enjoying the slower pace to our lifestyle and have both taken us squash. Neither or us is terribly good at it, but I'm getting my own racquet. Of course, it is pink.

Ciao lovelies, and I will be back more regularly, I promise.

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