We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

I have been Merry Christmasing my little ass off I can tell you. I Merry Christmas with every phone call to spread a little holiday cheer. Its not always successful, I had a lady ring three times in a row and she was pissed off to begin with about the subject matter of her call, but after my chirpy greeting evertime she called (she kept hanging up because she was a bitch) she said to me-

"Don't bloody Merry Christmas Me-and your hold music is irritating the shit out of me"

I mean what does one say when faced with such adversity?
I make it sound like she was just being a Scrooge about Chrissy but she was actually really horrible to me and made me cry after I got off the phone with her. Told me I was incompetent because to transfer her call I had to put her on hold (because don't you know? Transferring is obviously instantaneous!!)
Right Royal Bitch!

Anyway, Christmas spirit and all!! I quite enjoy being the cheery Christmas girl who's always wearing some combination of Green Red and White and sequinned red and gold Antlers on her head. I feel my eccentricity brings a certain something to my workplace!

But unfortunately for me, I cannot go home early on the day when hardly anyone is even here because I cannot leave the Switch unattended :( *sigh*

Oh well, life goes on. Now we can throw ourselves into the melee of gift Giving over the holiday weekend and then we're off to Tassie for two weeks!! Yay! I'm extremely looking forward to it and it means I will not have the opportunity to blog until at least the 10th of January, and maybe I'll have some sort of special news for everyone too....*fingers crossed right girls?*

so, for now, ciao ciao!!

(and Merry Christmas ****com ******* Speaking!!) xx

Oh the hilarity!

Well our Company Christmas is on tonight (at Star City no less) and theres a definite buzz in the air at the office. There's an overall silliness I feel. A certain Joking aspect and it seems no one can quite concentrate on their work.
For example, every Friday I send an email to both our Floors to notify them of the fridge clean out that happens every Friday afternoon. I send the same email usually with little comment. Today-I've had like 10 emails back with smart ass comments. Most are funny granted. But its the overall silly element that caught my attention. Hahaha.
I'm feeling quite buzzy myself. I'm excited!

No radio no coffee no nothing

Well this morning I'm bored beyond belief. My radio ran out of batteries at the beginning of the week and as the foyer is a secured area there is no ambient noise. We have security doors to get into any of the working areas, you need a swipe card. This prevents any noise of any volume escaping into reception and so it is deathly quiet. I rang our stationery lady to order new batteries and she forgot to bring them on Tuesday when she came. I hope she brings them today. She and Jess keep making oblique references to what exactly I require the batteries for, as if to imply I'm going to take them home and use in some sort of buzzing apparatus! Hahaha. Well I guess D's are the right size for that!

I really want a coffee and some raisin toast. My stomach feels like it is eating itself inside out. We have a cafe in our business park, but being on reception, and leaving one's desk and the switch unattended being
(as previously discussed at http://worksatisfaction.blogspot.com/ ) punishable by death, I am reliant upon someone else going down and being kind enough to get me something too. I had a really good system worked out where I would ask this guy to get them for me. But I couldn't see him this morning so I emailed him to ask if he was going down. His reposnse -

No sorry.... I would go to Simbi.. but I would have to catch
a train back to Berowra, get in my car, drive to north ryde, find a park.. and
then walk to simbi :)


Nah.. I'm out at a client site
today so sorry.. I can't get your raisin toast :(
So major bummer. I asked another guy upstairs but he hasn't replied as yet other than to say that he will be going down there. So I am left hanging, and hungry! I am bored, hungry and I wanna be perky dammit!!!

*sigh* Its difficult to do one's job to one's expected personal standard when you can't even get a bloody COFFEE!!!!

Ahh Crossword heaven

I've recently taken to filching the front section of the SMH that gets delivered to one of the managers here every day. You may think thats playing with fire but by his own admission he doesn't get to read it all every day and quite frankly I think I'm putting it to better use. You see I really quite enjoy the puzzles section at the rear, next to the cartoons and under the Tv Guide. I think this part of the paper is where I'm really meant to be, and I feel i am probably the target market.
Yesterday I had some clues I found particularly stumping. And while I'm happy to to ask others for the answers once I can't decipher them, I hate having to resort to such pages as www.dictionary.com and www.answers.com . And really, how else to you discover that "ROCOCO" is a "Fancy, Asymmetric Architectural Style" when your clever Civil Engineer boyfriend and his work colleagues don't even know! (If you want to know what Rococo architecture looks like check here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rococo )

I also derive quite a lot of enjoyment from Sudoku ( www.sudoku.com.au ) but can quickly give up when the page becomes too messy. I like the ordered nature of Sudoku but not the rubbings out and such like.

Which brings us to the challenge of the 9 Letter Word. Although I find that if I don't get the word within all of 12 seconds of looking at it I'll never work it out! My mother is different, she can puzzle it out by rearranging and rearranging the letters over and over until she can make sense of it. Me, I'm a quitter. I'll give it 12 seconds and then I'm through. I'm happy to then continue on and make all the little words but the big one will forever elude me.

Now I get to do all this and more in my day of filling-in-time-until-its-time-to-go-home. I wish I had Java enabled on my computer because then I could play lots of cool web based games like Online Crosswords and suchlike. But alas I'm only on Thin Client which if you've ever used is entirely evil and worklike. :p

Why do they Do this to me?

Stupid ppl 1)
Ok, So I rang Campbell's this afternoon because thats who we order all of our Kitchen supplies from, the coffee and sugar etc. We're completely out of Milo so its a bit dire. We've been waiting for them to fax us this thing all day, a quote so we can have it approved and all so they can deliver it. After ringing them a few times today, they still haven't faxed it to us, but Amy assures me that the guy isn't there right now but we'll have a fax by 4. This is at 2.30. At 4.30 I ring and Amy is on the phone so I talk to a woman called Elisa who obviously doesn't speak a whole lot of English, and she tells me that "Eddie" didn't come back, he must have been stuck in traffic so just didn't come back to work! Now why can't I do that? Gah! So I ask if someone else can do it but no, Eddie's the only one who knows how to do it! Now how retarded is that! If he falls over dead tomorrow no one can do his job apparently! The sheer stupidity of the situation is what I then tried to impress upon Elisa, that maybe they need to rethink this system. She just didn't understand me.

2) I have been battling with Australian Air Express because they keep forgetting to log our pick-ups properly when they need to be picked up from an external location and brought back to us. Of course it would help it everything ran properly on our end......

A week and a half ago I logged a job on Friday for Pickup that afternoon. It didn't get picked up. Monday morning they(client) ring and say
'It's still sitting here',
so I ring AAE again and say, hey that hasn't been picked up. They relog it for pickup that day. The next day They(client) ring in the afternoon and say to me
"Whoops! The driver showed up and someone told him there was nothing here for him so he left!"
Bloody big Whoops!
So can I please re-log it. I ring them, yep pick up tomorrow. This is Thursday. Today Wednesday, someone emails me and says,
"Did that job get logged in again?"
Like I'm an idiot.
So I say "Why, yes yes it did",
in my most pleasant tone.
A few hours later client calls-
"Whoops! We did it again! The driver left without the package! Can you rebook it?"
Which of course begs the Q, Why do they do this to me!?

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