We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

I have been Merry Christmasing my little ass off I can tell you. I Merry Christmas with every phone call to spread a little holiday cheer. Its not always successful, I had a lady ring three times in a row and she was pissed off to begin with about the subject matter of her call, but after my chirpy greeting evertime she called (she kept hanging up because she was a bitch) she said to me-

"Don't bloody Merry Christmas Me-and your hold music is irritating the shit out of me"

I mean what does one say when faced with such adversity?
I make it sound like she was just being a Scrooge about Chrissy but she was actually really horrible to me and made me cry after I got off the phone with her. Told me I was incompetent because to transfer her call I had to put her on hold (because don't you know? Transferring is obviously instantaneous!!)
Right Royal Bitch!

Anyway, Christmas spirit and all!! I quite enjoy being the cheery Christmas girl who's always wearing some combination of Green Red and White and sequinned red and gold Antlers on her head. I feel my eccentricity brings a certain something to my workplace!

But unfortunately for me, I cannot go home early on the day when hardly anyone is even here because I cannot leave the Switch unattended :( *sigh*

Oh well, life goes on. Now we can throw ourselves into the melee of gift Giving over the holiday weekend and then we're off to Tassie for two weeks!! Yay! I'm extremely looking forward to it and it means I will not have the opportunity to blog until at least the 10th of January, and maybe I'll have some sort of special news for everyone too....*fingers crossed right girls?*

so, for now, ciao ciao!!

(and Merry Christmas ****com ******* Speaking!!) xx

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