Why do they Do this to me?

Stupid ppl 1)
Ok, So I rang Campbell's this afternoon because thats who we order all of our Kitchen supplies from, the coffee and sugar etc. We're completely out of Milo so its a bit dire. We've been waiting for them to fax us this thing all day, a quote so we can have it approved and all so they can deliver it. After ringing them a few times today, they still haven't faxed it to us, but Amy assures me that the guy isn't there right now but we'll have a fax by 4. This is at 2.30. At 4.30 I ring and Amy is on the phone so I talk to a woman called Elisa who obviously doesn't speak a whole lot of English, and she tells me that "Eddie" didn't come back, he must have been stuck in traffic so just didn't come back to work! Now why can't I do that? Gah! So I ask if someone else can do it but no, Eddie's the only one who knows how to do it! Now how retarded is that! If he falls over dead tomorrow no one can do his job apparently! The sheer stupidity of the situation is what I then tried to impress upon Elisa, that maybe they need to rethink this system. She just didn't understand me.

2) I have been battling with Australian Air Express because they keep forgetting to log our pick-ups properly when they need to be picked up from an external location and brought back to us. Of course it would help it everything ran properly on our end......

A week and a half ago I logged a job on Friday for Pickup that afternoon. It didn't get picked up. Monday morning they(client) ring and say
'It's still sitting here',
so I ring AAE again and say, hey that hasn't been picked up. They relog it for pickup that day. The next day They(client) ring in the afternoon and say to me
"Whoops! The driver showed up and someone told him there was nothing here for him so he left!"
Bloody big Whoops!
So can I please re-log it. I ring them, yep pick up tomorrow. This is Thursday. Today Wednesday, someone emails me and says,
"Did that job get logged in again?"
Like I'm an idiot.
So I say "Why, yes yes it did",
in my most pleasant tone.
A few hours later client calls-
"Whoops! We did it again! The driver left without the package! Can you rebook it?"
Which of course begs the Q, Why do they do this to me!?

2 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

billylou said...
December 07, 2005 5:40 PM

Administrative employees unite!!!

Yes, I feel your pain, it is a cruel mad world and an especially cruel mad world for receptionists.

Actually I think the thing I have realised working for any company in any position is that there are so many totally clueless people in the world. I'm amazing anything ever happens ever.

I sincerely hope you get Milo soon :)

Also I like the pink theme very much.

billylou said...
December 07, 2005 5:42 PM

Also, LOL, "Why, yes it did"

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