Ahh Crossword heaven

I've recently taken to filching the front section of the SMH that gets delivered to one of the managers here every day. You may think thats playing with fire but by his own admission he doesn't get to read it all every day and quite frankly I think I'm putting it to better use. You see I really quite enjoy the puzzles section at the rear, next to the cartoons and under the Tv Guide. I think this part of the paper is where I'm really meant to be, and I feel i am probably the target market.
Yesterday I had some clues I found particularly stumping. And while I'm happy to to ask others for the answers once I can't decipher them, I hate having to resort to such pages as www.dictionary.com and www.answers.com . And really, how else to you discover that "ROCOCO" is a "Fancy, Asymmetric Architectural Style" when your clever Civil Engineer boyfriend and his work colleagues don't even know! (If you want to know what Rococo architecture looks like check here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rococo )

I also derive quite a lot of enjoyment from Sudoku ( www.sudoku.com.au ) but can quickly give up when the page becomes too messy. I like the ordered nature of Sudoku but not the rubbings out and such like.

Which brings us to the challenge of the 9 Letter Word. Although I find that if I don't get the word within all of 12 seconds of looking at it I'll never work it out! My mother is different, she can puzzle it out by rearranging and rearranging the letters over and over until she can make sense of it. Me, I'm a quitter. I'll give it 12 seconds and then I'm through. I'm happy to then continue on and make all the little words but the big one will forever elude me.

Now I get to do all this and more in my day of filling-in-time-until-its-time-to-go-home. I wish I had Java enabled on my computer because then I could play lots of cool web based games like Online Crosswords and suchlike. But alas I'm only on Thin Client which if you've ever used is entirely evil and worklike. :p

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billylou said...
December 14, 2005 4:59 PM

I always find it way scary when I come to the end of all my time-wasting activities and then it's like "NOW what do I do??". I find it particularly scary when I finish a blog entry - the ultimate make-time-go-away thing, and STILL have nothing to do. Except eat minties and drink numerous cups of tea (and then risk an exploded bladder because I never get to leave the desk). We should be getting paid risk money or something :)

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