Oh the hilarity!

Well our Company Christmas is on tonight (at Star City no less) and theres a definite buzz in the air at the office. There's an overall silliness I feel. A certain Joking aspect and it seems no one can quite concentrate on their work.
For example, every Friday I send an email to both our Floors to notify them of the fridge clean out that happens every Friday afternoon. I send the same email usually with little comment. Today-I've had like 10 emails back with smart ass comments. Most are funny granted. But its the overall silly element that caught my attention. Hahaha.
I'm feeling quite buzzy myself. I'm excited!

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Grant said...
December 21, 2005 10:13 PM

Its a few years ago, but I took my then small office clan to the Star City to see Tim Ferguson perform in the Rocky Horror Picture show. It was cool (although he was a bit skinny). I am practising in high heels - will be perfect on the night.

p.s. only the one burst tyre in flight training today. No limbs broken, and 2.5 hrs of solo time logged = Fun (see blog)

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