No radio no coffee no nothing

Well this morning I'm bored beyond belief. My radio ran out of batteries at the beginning of the week and as the foyer is a secured area there is no ambient noise. We have security doors to get into any of the working areas, you need a swipe card. This prevents any noise of any volume escaping into reception and so it is deathly quiet. I rang our stationery lady to order new batteries and she forgot to bring them on Tuesday when she came. I hope she brings them today. She and Jess keep making oblique references to what exactly I require the batteries for, as if to imply I'm going to take them home and use in some sort of buzzing apparatus! Hahaha. Well I guess D's are the right size for that!

I really want a coffee and some raisin toast. My stomach feels like it is eating itself inside out. We have a cafe in our business park, but being on reception, and leaving one's desk and the switch unattended being
(as previously discussed at ) punishable by death, I am reliant upon someone else going down and being kind enough to get me something too. I had a really good system worked out where I would ask this guy to get them for me. But I couldn't see him this morning so I emailed him to ask if he was going down. His reposnse -

No sorry.... I would go to Simbi.. but I would have to catch
a train back to Berowra, get in my car, drive to north ryde, find a park.. and
then walk to simbi :)


Nah.. I'm out at a client site
today so sorry.. I can't get your raisin toast :(
So major bummer. I asked another guy upstairs but he hasn't replied as yet other than to say that he will be going down there. So I am left hanging, and hungry! I am bored, hungry and I wanna be perky dammit!!!

*sigh* Its difficult to do one's job to one's expected personal standard when you can't even get a bloody COFFEE!!!!

2 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Grant said...
December 15, 2005 7:36 PM

So are you coming to Lyndal and My Rocky Horror Party (April 06)?

Grant said...
December 15, 2005 9:10 PM

This is the only way to see Lou's Dad in fishnets and high heels.......

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