We booked our Honeymoon!!

We booked our Honeymoon We booked our Honeymoon We booked our Honeymoon We booked our Honeymoon We booked our Honeymoon We booked our Honeymoon We booked our Honeymoon *dancing around* *wiggling butt* woo!!
We depart on the Morning of the 7th (hah's bday) and return on the 14th at 6pm, for those of you playing at home.
So excited!

well my good deed done

Today on Bride's Diary a girl was looking for a poem and I made one up for her! Most creative of me I thought! Last night we decided on the chocolates for the bomboniere's. We can't order them for a while though as we don't want them to be all yuk....

We're also in furthur debate over the stationery. It'll all come together in the end though. *sigh*

We've *almost* booked our honeymoon. It's so close. Just confirm a date change for accomodation and book our flights online. Awesome. Fiji here we come!

Flowers Flowers everywhere

At least that's the plan. Last night I had what I think was a very successful meeting with the Florist, who just happens to also be, Cousin Clare. Hehehe.
So yeh, flowers are all sorted now in the main.
Bouquets, buttonholes, corsages for the ladies, tables, Church/Altar, possibly some blooms for the hairdresser?
So yes now all we're waiting on is for Clare's orchid supplier to get back to her with prices and Bob's your Aunty! Or in Mark's case, your uncle!

I think this is a tad excessive

How excessive is this bridal party? That's TWELVE girls!!! + Bride!

So Cute Pt 2!

Today we ordered our bomboniere boxes! Woo!
I'm trying to have a big-organise it all day. Get things happening! woo. I do say Woo a lot don't I?
*I do sell a lot of wank don't I*
Cmon ppl where's it from? where's it from? hehehe
*cough*cough* umm, where were we?
Ahh yes cute bomboniere boxes. We're going off to speak to Isobel next week, get the girls measured. Woo. *amendment-in my brain spasticity, I have re-read that after posting, and seen that I had lumped Isobel in right after the bomboniere boxes and made it seem as though she had some hand in them, when in fact she is the dressmaker and I'm referring to Bridemaids matters there. Hehehe*
I'm sure I have more to say....

Good Luck to Riona of Godawful Wedding crap, who weds the Tall Fella on Saturday. : )

True Story or should it be website?

I discovered this site through a blog I found through another blog, but it's all worked out in the end! Moving on- this site has one FAQ-Is this for real. And apparently, it is!(for real)

If Jesus returns tonight, who will feed your pets tomorrow?

What is JesusPets?
Who is going to care for your pets after you are raptured into heaven?
Many Christians believe that animals do not go to heaven. So when Jesus comes back and you return with him to heaven, will there be somebody to take care of your dog or cat?
If you have a non-Christian family member, they might take care of your pet, but if not, have you made any plans? Imagine being taken to streets of gold while your dog starves to death walking around in his own feces trapped in your small house or apartment, subject to fire and earthquakes or even being eaten by heathens searching for any remaining morsel of food. Do you want that to happen?
With the imminent collapse of the global economy and rampant godlessness, even the community shelters will not have the resources to care for your poor, hungry animals. So you need to make preparations.
That’s what JesusPets is for. We are assembling a community of heathen pet-lovers to care for pets that are “left-behind.” We are coordinating with feed mills and kennels in preparation for your post-apocalyptic pet care needs.

Quite bizarre if you ask me. My particular favourite is "a community of heathen pet-lovers" , It literally states we're heathens! Crazy!
So, if you're concerned about your pet roasting over the camp fires of post-apolcalyptic-Jesus-returns-civilisation, here is your solution.

Bridemaids design pretty much set.

Now I just want to preface this post with the information that I am NOT a digital artist like my sister and thus my ability to draw on the computer is appalling. I am still working on whether I can make this look more presentable, but its mostly to give Eca and idea of the dress direction we're taking for the Bridemaids now. Here goes.

So. What we're looking at here Eca is the same Purple silk, but now with a large pleat of Black silk and along the top there is a small strip with a point the same side as the pleat also in black and then the halter is formed from two strips of black chiffon that will fall down the back after being tied at the neck. If that make sense. Can everyone see that? Or is it very obscure?

modelling prowess. Yeh right.

Yesterday a had a chat with a bride about how scary some bridemodels look now. Take this girl above, This She-Devil-Bride. But then, I'd be angry with the photographers too if he said to me....

now just pop on the gown, yes Hair looks lovely, we'll just fluff it out here a bit, and could you just pop those almost-Elbow-length-gloves on for me....no no they'll barely be in shot....lovely......

And it's so common now. Far from looking edgy and a cut above, they look stupid and fail to sell their product, because who wants to buy the dress that the girl obviously looks so happy wearing! I'm not saying they should neccessarily look like they're getting married that day, fake enthusiasm is possibly worse, but a pleasant neutral expression would work for me.

Case in point. This girl is like "Isn't it awesome that the photographr has told me to stand in the water! I'm ruining the hem of my dress!!! That's fantastic! And it's freezing! Which Is why I have my shoulders all hunched up like this! Or is that because I'm just so darn excited? Who Cares!" So Fake smiles, not the way to go. I had a great pic of a girl who looked like she was sniffing her armpits, but I couldn't copy it.....So go here to see it! LOL.

WOO HOO!!!! Gown giddiness

Some people are so lovely! Weeks ago now, we found the dress. Tried it on, loved it, decided that's the way we were going. Been trying to organise to get Isobel the dressmaker to get over to the shop to see it. In the meantime though, due to the wedding dress complexity of construction in general I wanted a picture I could give Isobel. The shop would not tell me who designed it so I couldn't search for it and the name of the style couldn't throw anything up on the search engines so I was almost at the end of my wits trying to figure out how I'd get a picture.
So I decided to post a discussion topic on the matter on a bridal site called The Bride's Diary (which is very addictive I can tell you) to all the Brisbane girls as the shop told me it was by a Brisbane Based designer.
The girls were very helpful, and one even rang the shop from Brissy to pretend she wanted to look at it in Brisbane for a stockist. Then someone found it!! It turns out this girl has ordered the same dress from a shop in the City called Elizabeth de Varga and it's by them! So yay!
Now unfortunately I can't post a picture of my beautiful dress here as Mark might see it then, and I don't want to show everyone cos it's meant to be a surprise too.
But if you're desperate, leave a comment and I'll email you the website. : )
I'm so happy though!!!! Not even my splitting headache that woke me up at 2.30 this morning can detract from my excitement. Although it's trying.
*jumps in the air with a little arm wiggle and clicking heels together*
Actually Scrap that as imagining me doing that makes me look a little spastic. Hehehe

And back to business

After our little detour to Bogan-ville with the Stubby holders, check out Riona's post on them in Godawful Wedding Crap.
142 days to go!
I'm feeling very weighed down by the planning at the moment actually. *sigh*
There's lots to do that we haven't made concrete decisions on yet and I just wish it was all done already.

decorations on tables

These aren't in order of importance btw.
We're doing Bridemaids shopping on Saturday, which will help alleviate the dress stress. I hope we can just finish that concept off and I can stop thinking about it. Bah.
Also BM girls, I was thinking of possibly black shoes with the dresses? We'll know more when the girls try them on and stuff and I thought that'd save buying new shoes if it works out?

I'm searching hairstyles now too.

A Special Post for Riona

Hi Riona! Welcome from the Emerald shores!
I tried to reply to your comment about the stubby holder but there was too much information to put in!

This is a Stubby. A Traditional VB Stubby no less, our national drink. Hahahaha, NO!

They have in fact, graduated to cover the entire bottle now with the aid of a zip.

And even beyond! With glove!

With an array of colours, including camoflage, I think we have our bomboneire winners!!!!
Hahaha (it's a joke people) relax.

And now Riona, at risk of seeming like a Stubby toting hick, I have one of these myself......

So there we have it. A description of the Stubby holder.


Where I hear you say? Manyana is located between Ulladulla and Nowra. And that's where Mark took me for the Long Weekend. It was lovely, the weather was awful but the house we stayed in, owned by Mark's Uncle, had the best view of the ocean and beach. We watched videos and hung out, walked on the beach when it was dry, wine and cheese Sunday afternoon while playing Canasta and watching the footy. What more could anyone ask for?
It was particularly cool actually, in the rock pools we found this super awesome Octopus thing and an apparently suicidal Eel. No matter how hard we tried to save it by putting it in deeper water, it tried to squirm out....strange....
It was a lovely weekend though, so thank you Mark.

Surprises in Store and Fun Fridge Fungi

Queen's Birthday Weekend!!!!! Long Weekend!!! WOOOO
Mark is surprising me with something this weekend. I don't know what we're doing but I've got enough clothes for the weekend in the car right now (and then some-of course) so we will soon know!!

I had a new girl start permanent Full time on Monday. She's currently "doing the fridges". As it is a long weekend this weekend we're emptying the fridges completely and turning them off so the cleaners can defrost them and disinfect them. This means the poor dear has to throw everything in the fridges out. And sometimes they get angry >:-(
{the people that own the stuff I mean, Not the fridges-hahahaha}
Althought, it's not like they aren't warned! That's what annoys me about the whole thing. We send emails and stuff to tell people. Hope she goes ok, its a pretty depressing task. Especially if people want to yell at you. I'll give em what for, just try me.....

Anyway, happy long weekend everyone, I'll let you know what the surprise was on Tuesday! : )

World Cup Artwork

How cool is this concept! An artist has developed these soccer balls for different countries.

Ours, which I think it pretty cool!

US of A. Levi's!

England, which I think is a play on how terrible their Tabloids are!

This is Portugal, Do they do coffee? Any ideas on this one?

This is Saudi Arabia so it's gold coloured for their riches I assume.

And Sweden, for IKEA!!

The whole collection can be viewed here, there's 32 all up.


I know it's been a while since I did a count, so now we've reached this milestone I thought I'd let everyone in on the secret!

Lord of the Rings finally

Last night Mark and I completed our viewing of all three LOTR movies. After expressing reluctance to watch any of them, at the conclusion of the second movie when asked what he thought, he said "Why didn't you make me watch these ages ago!". Note the use of "make me". So finally Mark will be in on the joke when we all say
"the horses are restless, and the men are quiet"
"a red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night"
"Gondor will come! *with toss of the head downward*"

And I can tell you, it was some good Aragorn viewing girls. Oh yeh. And I can't get over all the gay hobbit references. Surely they should have had someone sit down before the release and check it wasn't all "brokeback mountain". (I do realise these were pre-BBM though-beofre anyone jumps in to correct the time line-poetic license people)

Btw, check out Insanity and Banality, yesterday's post was gold.


Today I have started Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, a behemoth of a book that I recieved for my 21st (yep, close to two years ago) and have not yet tackled as its so intimidatingly huge, even for me. Its ok so far actually, nothing like what I thought it was about. It's about ye olde Engligh magick. For those interested, I'll let you know how it goes!

credit to Zogg

A small note of thanks to Zogg for helping me figure out how to post a pic. I chose Columbia because she is awesome and I am jealous of her. I mean who doesn't want to wear powder blue socks with their tap shoes?
So thanks Zogg!! Techie-IT-Helper_extraordinarre!

"Pro-ana"-Anorexics unite

Another moral rant of mine on society. Today I happened to read from two different sources about the concept of the "pro-ana" movement on the internet. Essentially it is a network of readily accessible websites extoling the virtues of anorexia and bulimia and ways in which to maintain your anorexia. I found this somewhat interesting as the articles I read both expressed outrage that this content was available on the internet for impressionable young minds. So I investigated, and after entering pro-ana into Google, there popped up 1,370,000 sites for this topic!!!
So I visited ana's underground grotto and I was disgusted at the content of the site.

"This is a place for the elite who, through personal success in their ongoing quest for perfection, demonstrate daily the power and results of applying will, imagination, creativity and effort toward meeting their goals."......"This is a pro-ana website. That means this is a place where anorexia is regarded as a lifestyle and a choice, not an illness or disorder. There are no victims here. "

I couldn't believe it. There are pictures of Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Moss is praised. There are also pictures of enormously obese women to help the women keep focused on their goals.

More disturbing though I thought, was the careful disclaimering featured
If you are under the age of 18, current laws in your geographical region may require you to obtain parental consent to view the contents of this website. You and you alone -- not me -- are responsible for determining if such laws exist and whether you obey them. By entering this site, you automatically certify that you are either 18+ or have obtained parental consent to do so. In the event anyone under 18 should enter this site without parental consent, I will NOT be held responsible for any federal, state or local law they may violate by doing so, nor for ANY resulting consequences to their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health.

And the comments Section is disclaimered also and threathening those who may want to speak out against
Abusive email will be treated as "spam" and dealt with accordingly. "Abusive" is defined as insulting, rude, harrassing, harsh, mocking, censorious, or otherwise offensive emails, or emails preaching about the dangers of the ana lifestyle. Save yourself the time and trouble: DON'T BOTHER. Any such email is an unwelcome intrusion, and will result in a trace of your IP address and mail path, with notification to your ISP and upstream providers of TOS violations.

I just can't believe how disgusting I think this is. Why is there this fascination with being so thin? How can it be legal to promote it like this? So openly? Pictures of super thin celebrities are dubbed "Thin-spiration". I hope my daughters never go this direction....It just kills me. Has anyone else heard of this before?

Don't get hot and flustered.....use a bit of mustard....You're a Hot Dog!

Gold, pure gold. This picture was featured on a wedding blog under "what not to do" as, "don't over theme your wedding". Having seen this picture now, I am inspired for the biggest and best Rocky wedding ever!
We could have me as Frank, Mark as Rocky (ala the roles played here),
billylou as Magenta,

Scotty (best man) as Riff Raff,

and the other three bridesmaids could be a combination of Columbia's and other Transyvanians. No wait!

Scotty could be Eddie!

And The bridemaids could be three various stages of Janet's undress!!!

Hahahaha GOLD!

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