Surprises in Store and Fun Fridge Fungi

Queen's Birthday Weekend!!!!! Long Weekend!!! WOOOO
Mark is surprising me with something this weekend. I don't know what we're doing but I've got enough clothes for the weekend in the car right now (and then some-of course) so we will soon know!!

I had a new girl start permanent Full time on Monday. She's currently "doing the fridges". As it is a long weekend this weekend we're emptying the fridges completely and turning them off so the cleaners can defrost them and disinfect them. This means the poor dear has to throw everything in the fridges out. And sometimes they get angry >:-(
{the people that own the stuff I mean, Not the fridges-hahahaha}
Althought, it's not like they aren't warned! That's what annoys me about the whole thing. We send emails and stuff to tell people. Hope she goes ok, its a pretty depressing task. Especially if people want to yell at you. I'll give em what for, just try me.....

Anyway, happy long weekend everyone, I'll let you know what the surprise was on Tuesday! : )

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