Lord of the Rings finally

Last night Mark and I completed our viewing of all three LOTR movies. After expressing reluctance to watch any of them, at the conclusion of the second movie when asked what he thought, he said "Why didn't you make me watch these ages ago!". Note the use of "make me". So finally Mark will be in on the joke when we all say
"the horses are restless, and the men are quiet"
"a red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night"
"Gondor will come! *with toss of the head downward*"

And I can tell you, it was some good Aragorn viewing girls. Oh yeh. And I can't get over all the gay hobbit references. Surely they should have had someone sit down before the release and check it wasn't all "brokeback mountain". (I do realise these were pre-BBM though-beofre anyone jumps in to correct the time line-poetic license people)

Btw, check out Insanity and Banality, yesterday's post was gold.

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billylou said...
June 07, 2006 1:00 PM

Ahh more promotion... how much do I owe you for that one?

Anyway Lord of the Rings was good except for the orks, the bloodshed, and basically all references to war, which pretty much take up the entire story. They should make a movie just with (gay) hobbits. Of course I now realise that they probably will, and it will probably be called 'The Hobbit'. Still, I hereby claim all rights to the idea. Cheques can be made out to Billylou.

Re said...
June 07, 2006 9:17 PM



See Mark it's all for the best.

I just lament how stupid they made Legolas sound... could it have been Orlando Blooms 'acting?' I think NOT

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