Google Fun

Hey I found it!! So what you do is type in name here).aspx
on your browser’s address bar.

For example, would yield a Google page that looks like: Warning though, it does not do "Y" or "V" for some reason.....Weird

How people got to me! ~IIII

It's that time of the week again! Ok well last week it wasn't that time of the week at all, sorry.
Moving on, this week our selections include
  1. Girlspoke-which I was reading last week and left a comment on. Go Girlspoke.Their post today actually says that they've started a blog thats all about sex. I dare not read it at work so I don't know if it's funny or not.
  2. Good ole Godawful wedding Crap, which the author, Riona, has since married and abandoned her blog. Lol. No but seriously the last post was titled "Blog? Oh right! blog!" Who can blame her really? It's sort of hard work being enthused about quirky wedding crap when you're finished planning your wedding.
  3. Hmmmm this ones interesting. The Blog title description reads What We Have Here Is...
    "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from truth, and be turned aside to fables." 2 Timothy 4:3-4 ------A church planters run at applying practical Biblical truth and defending sound doctrine. So umm yeh. Some sort of religious blog. Not sure how they came across lil old heathen me.....hehehehe
  4. A Japanese Google search for Elizabeth De Varga (hehehe see, proof she makes lovely gowns)
  5. And someone looking for Yarmukle flowers (whatever they are). And if you came here expecting them, I'm sorry I'm fresh out....

On another note, I was reading something that says if you add this bit to the Google site address it will come up with "Your name" written like the Google Logo. hehehe. Searching now, when I find again, I'll let you know how to do it : )

The toilet seat....

I don't know why there is such consternation regarding this issue. It's probably because I grew up in a house with two males (and four females) so there was seat pickupage from a young age. I think these things shape the person you grow to be in a profound and spiritual way............ but I digress.

Seriously though, why are women so uptight about this issue? My husband to be is probably quite relieved I'm not a seat Nazi ( he grew up with a 75% male household-of 4). But when you think about it objectively, why should it always be put down by the men, when they have to pick it up every time they need to go? Hah has said it simply a matter of courtesy, men doing things for women and all. One argument I think is that the seat is yukky. It's unhygenic. Another thing I grew up with, if nothing else my mother cleaned the bathroom every Friday. So I never had to worry about yukky seat lifting. Is there another issue with it?

I still call Australia Home.....

What it means to be Australian
Being Australian is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for A Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV.

Oh and...... Only in Australia ... can a pizza get to your house Faster than an ambulance.

Only in Australia ... do supermarkets make sick people walk all the Way to the back of the shop to get their prescriptions while healthy People can buy cigarettes at the front.

Only in Australia ... do people order double cheeseburgers, large Fries and a DIET coke.

Only in Australia ... do banks leave both doors open and chain the Pens to the counters.

Only in Australian ... do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars on the drive and lock our junk and cheap lawn mower in the garage.

Only in Australia ... do we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place.

Only in Australia ... are there disabled parking places in front of a skating rink.

3 Aussies die each year testing if a 9v battery works on their tongue.
142 Aussies were injured in 1999 by not removing all pins from new shirts.
58 Aussies are injured each year by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers.
31 Aussies have died since 1996 by watering their Christmas tree while the fairy lights were plugged in.
8 Aussies had serious burns in 2000 trying on a new jumper with a lit cigarette in their mouth.
A massive 543 Aussies were admitted to Emergency in the last two years after opening bottles of beer with their teeth.
And finally.........
In 2000 eight Aussies cracked their skull whilst throwing up into the toilet.

I'm pretty bloody proud to be an Aussie!

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I have discovered two new sites I am enjoying.

Girlspoke is a funny blog written by a team of girls (strangely enough!) of varying backgrounds. For those of you at work though, there are some explicit images occassionally, so be ready with the minimise button! And they talk about sex a little, but hey, it's funny.

Flattire is a similar blog style with multiple authors, but by boys (*gasp*). Amusingly, somehow they took a picture of one of their butt-cheek's-cleavage and have submitted it to some sort of bizarre Boob-watch websites. In all fairness though, the pic looks a lot like Boobs. But I'll leave it up to you as to whether you want to view that sort of content by not posting the pic here.

my journey last night to Chatty Myer left me cold, empty and annoyed at the traffic. When I rang Sandler to enquire whether the Sandler "crystal" Shoes (featured on the back page of Myer's "spring" catalogue out now) came in white, and was subsequently told they did {by an extremely helpful lady at Sandler Head Office} I was worried they might look like Drag Queen shoes, being that in the white they are in patent leather. Now I know this is scary- because the concept is- and I was right. In white patent leather, cute wedges simply look like they're made for a man-foot. *sigh* so back to the drawing board with that.

Wedding bits n pieces.

I need to qualify that now don't I? I post about so much miscellaneous (hehe sp?) things we need to sort the chaff from the ......(other bit of the wheat?)
Moving on-
We're getting closer on the Stationery front. We've selected the colours from the printer *clapping hands* and the graphic designer [where's Erica when you really need her-England! LOL] has played with our designs and made them workable for them. At the moment I feel like we really need to focus on the Invitations, then I can worry about the rest. I swore I wouldn't be Mark's cousin and send them all last minute but now I worry we'll be addressing madly the day before! Lol.
So 100 days to go today and having mini-freakouts. Trying not to stretch my neck and shoulders in that "nervous tic" way of mine.....*chewing lip*
We may be one step closer to centrepieces. Got a picture from a company that fits what we were looking at doing.(just need a decision)
The other night we met with the priest to talk Ceremony (woo) and such. Mark was sick as a dog the poor love and couldn't even eat his favorite dinner (chicken schnitzels). He's got the flu. Worked out our readings and stuff.
Saturday we're going to Surry Hills to the fabric shop to buy the fabric for the bridesmaids dresses and for my dress *yay*. Izzy should be back in action this week so hopefully we power along with that and it'll be sweet!
Ummm, aside from that....there's a lot in the pipes....I'm going to Chatty tonight to check out a pair of shoes that fit the concept for my wedding shoes...good ole Myer!
Oh and we're going on Saturday next week to choose and fit the boys suits! That'll be fun, I'm looking forward to it actually. Unfortunately one of the boys will be down the snow so he'll go after we've been and we've decided on style and he'll just be fitted.
Umm And I think that's all for now.....

How people got to me! ~III

This segment is late this week, and I'm sorry, Monday when I normally do it I was off work because I couldn't walk,a nd then I got all caught up in work. Lame.

So here we go- There's heaps this week! So here's a selection
  1. The Diary of a new home!
  2. Because Scientists are funnier than you are. I think this was a quirky blog I clicked on but then didn't continue with.
  3. which I'm assuming was because of the Sun photo posted earlier! Wasn't that the coolest pic though!? I loved it.
  4. A Google Search for {engagement pictures AND "what to wear"} Which related to Help Need Pt II . Kinda cool though!
  5. A Search for Jatablog! Which if you recall was one of last week's HPG2M's. And hey, did you know Google comes entirely in Spanish? (I'm so sheltered)
  6. And rounding us out- My friend Robbie, who's blog is a Marketing Odyssey (sidebar).

I've decided my favorite ones are the Google Searches. They're funny!

And I get a lot of hits with "Anorexic" searches. Hmmm.....

legg-un's Update

I had a request to chop the fug girl's head off, and I was going to, BUT, I've deleted the photo! So unless Re still has the copy I sent her, it's lost forever.....

Celebrate Good times C'MON!

More Ettiquette hell madness

"First, let me say how entertaining and informative your website is. Some of your readers may wonder if the more outrageous stories are true but I sure don't. I know how amazingly rude people can be, because the following story is absolutely true.
Several years ago my brother was hospitalized for several weeks with a serious illness. His condition was so grave he was on a respirator for a time. My entire family flew to the city where he lived to be with him, staying in a nearby hotel and spending our days at the hospital. Because all his siblings have jobs and families and live far away, and because our parents are both still employed and live far away as well, we couldn't all stay with him the entire time, but took turns flying in and out and being with him. Of course, his own wife lived in the same town, in the same house, which my brother owned (he bought it before their marriage). But my horrible sister-in-law only came to see my brother, her husband, in the hospital ONCE, on the day he was admitted. She then declared, through her tears, that it was "just too difficult to see him like this" and disappeared! He was in the hospital literally for months, and she was MIA. We called and asked her to come, but she refused. Then my parents when over to their house (my brother's house) to demand that she go see him, but she refused to their faces. They also noticed that the house was filthy and the living room full of overflowing ashtrays and empty beer cans.
Once it was clear Brother was getting better, my parents (who were with him at the time) had to go home. Another brother was flying in a couple days later, but Ill Brother recovered so quickly (once he was recovering) that he ended up being discharged on a day when no family was in town. So he called his wife for a ride home. She said she was going to lunch with some friends, but she'd be by to pick him up when they got done, and he should just wait in the lobby of the hospital! Weak and exhausted, he then called a taxi to take him home. When he arrived, he found the house filthy just as my parents had seen, but also found that in his absence SHE HAD MOVED ANOTHER MAN INTO HIS HOUSE! Shaving stuff in the bathroom, clothes in the closet and on the floor in the master bedroom, the whole nine yards. Not surprisingly, shortly thereafter Brother got a divorce. This made his physical recovery more difficult because, no matter how richly deserved, a divorce is almost always a painful process. Throughout the divorce proceedings, my ex-SIL kept calling him and telling him how much she loved him and how sorry she was, but some things you just can't forgive. Brother is now married to a wonderful woman who is amazed at how awful his first wife was."


Things to look forward to!

The joys of Blue crayons

"oh, the wretched. the worst thing about this whole debacle, as my husband later informed me, is that i TOLD Violet to "go play with the peanut butter." she liked to roll the jar around in the kitchen. unfortunately, big sister figured out how to open the jar and pile the entire contents onto the little one’s head. it was very hard to convince them that they should never do this again when i was laughing and crying and taking a million pictures."

Ummm simply can't figure out what to say


This fantastic ultraviolet photo, taken by the TRACE Project, Stanford-Lockheed Institute for Space Research and NASA, showed our sun as a sizzling ball of seething hot gas:
Unpredictably, regions of strong and tangled magnetic fields arise, causing sunspots and bright active regions. The Sun’s surface bubbles as hot hydrogen gas streams along looping magnetic fields. These active regions channel gas along magnetic loops, usually falling back but sometimes escaping into the solar corona or out into space as the solar wind. Pictured above is our Sun in three colors of ultraviolet light. Since only active regions emit significant amounts of energetic ultraviolet light, most of the Sun appears dark. The colorful portions glow spectacularly, pinpointing the Sun’s hottest and most violent regions. Although the Sun is constantly changing, the rate of visible light it emits has been relatively stable over the past five billion years, allowing life to emerge on Earth.


Now on Fug they have a rule about not fugging everyday people because normal people don't pay stylists to ensure they look good. Now, I have no such compunction! BUT-I'm sure it violates this girl's privacy to post a photo of her abominable fashion taste (ie I don't think it's legal)
So, while I won't post the photo I sneakily took at the servo while I was waiting to fill up, which I subsequently sent to Re so we could laugh about it-I will talk about it.

Picture this- A girl in her late teens, early 20's, so gets out of her new Barina, she has the wind in her long brown hair. My first thought-well would you look at that jacket, navy, with some widely spaced red pinstriping-interesting I think. I then look to her lower half where she has paired this jacket with a pair of long black leggings, that's fine I think, she could have been at ballet? But no-on her feet, Hot pink pointy pumps. As 80's as it gets. Her ears were sporting Large sparkly hoops, and to top off the ensemble-A black band t-shirt under her Navy jacket.


So to re cap- Black leggings, pink heels, short navy jacket with red stripes (which displayed her lycra clad ass to the world) and black t-shirt. And she was definitely going out somewhere-no excuses.

And I don't think she was in a play.

Who am I GOING to be...?

Sort of disturbed to discover that when I google my full name now, there's not a lot there, something about someone in the UK with my name but essentially a non-event, and certainly nothing attributed to me personally.

But, when I google my new married name, she's already out there! Doing stuff! And she's considerably older than me, so she's had loads more time to be productive! She's an artist in the Hawkesbury Area, and she's been moderately successful by the looks of it. This is one of her abstract landscapes that I sorta liked. So now I feel sort of second hand already, and that's not even me yet! *sigh* And before you say it, I know it's a spastic thing to worry about. heehee. I do like the painting though.....

Shoes shoes shoes

Well I'm trying to find shoes for myself atm. Sort of looking on websites to see what I'd like. I found a gorgeous pair of wedges but you can only purchase in the US, and then when I told Mark about them he threatened to leave me at the altar if I get to the bottom of the aisle and we're not eye-to-eye. Gah. So yeh, found some nice ones though. I need to go for a walk as well I think though. Found these two sites and so have a look and tell me what you think...... (psst-look under Bridal) hehehe

oh my.....more bridal fug...Captions needed!



Captions required everyone!

Leave them in the comments

How people got to me! ~II

Hey! We're doing that thing where I check how people got to my site. I'm still finding it very entertaining.

Inappropriate company URL's

Ok So I've totally ripped this off Oddlight's website, so check him out in the Sidebar.

Attn: Entrepeneurs Everyone knows that if you are going to operate a business in today’s world you need a domain name. It is advisable to look at the domain name selected as other see it and not just as you think it looks. Failure to do this may result in situations such as the following (legitimate) companies who deal in everyday humdrum products and services but clearly didn’t give their domain names enough consideration:

1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it… is

2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at

3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at

4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at

5. Then of course, there’s the Italian Power Generator company…

6. And now, we have the Mole Station Native Nursery, based in New South

7. If you’re looking for computer software, there’s always

8. Welcome to the First Cumming Methodist Church. Their website is

9. Then, of course, there’s these brainless art designers, and their whacky

10. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website at

Help needed!! Part II

Ok everone, you can relax. But only to a point. The engagement pictures got called off cos it was raining : ( but that means Mark can still get a haircut (thank god) and I have more time to plan the outfit. So we're still taking suggestions people.

And Re made a valid comment-who would have thought it was so much work hehehehe

How was everyone's weekend? Saturday night we went into Cargo bar for a work friends birthday. I have two stories from this. Actually I'll back up.

Friday night we went and helped out at Engaged Encounter by showing people to their rooms. Normally I imagine an uneventful story, but, on our night, the Fire Alarm went off. Now I sincerley hope that I'm never in a burning building and the fire alarm goes off. You know what I'm talking about here-we stood around listening to this irritating whine before everyone sort of looks at each other and says "should we evacuate?"
and then there's more standing around going
"well would you check out how annoying that alarm is-can't they shut it off"
"oh no, they can't? Oh, maybe we should leave".
All of which by now if there really was a fire, we'd all be roast pork. So we all evacuate eventually, and stand around while the Fire truck's arrive (those guys reek-seriously) and then after more standing around it's all declared to be ok. Turns out this is the third time the alarm's gone off, the last time was 4 AM Friday morning. yuk. Then we went out for Indian for dinner which was lovely.
In another example of Mark-somehow-knowing-everyone-on-the-entire-planet-who's-ever-drawn-breath, the guy who rang us to ask us to be Meet-and-greeters, he's Mark's Cousin(Kim)'s Husband(Sean)'s Cousin (this guy). Go figure.

So, Saturday we went and spent some time with Mark's Aunt who works for the CBA to talk Home Loans. Then we went and looked at Suits for the boys and this lovely woman at MW Formalwear helped us even though her shop had actually closed for the day. So we need to go back with the boys, but we have an idea what we're doing now, and it was very good of her to spare us some time).
Saturday Night as I was saying we went to Cargo Bar, (and this is why I backtracked) and we saw this couple that did the same Engaged Encounter as we did! It was bizarre, considering we'd only just done the meet and greet thing on Friday night. I saw them across the bar and said to Mark "isn't that that couple from EE?" and we decreed it was. And then not long after, they approached us! The weird thing is that they've since broken up and are only now just re-evaluating getting back together. Massive decision for them as they were meant to marry early August, so they had to call off the wedding and that's caused family tensions as you can imagine. But all the best to them, I hope it works for them.
My other story from Saturday night-at Cargo bar, we were finishing our drinks as the group was leaving, when what should I suck up in my straw, but a shard of glass! Not once, but Twice! So I thought to myself, well, I won't stand for this. So I put the second piece back in the glass and went to the bar and asked to speak to a manager. At first the guy tried to tell me he didn't know where the manager was, then he was located. So I told him (screaming over the music I might add-which actually when I read back makes me sound like a nanna) and he tipped the contents of the glass over the marble bar, and between us we couldn't find the piece again (damn).
But he said to me "what are you drinking"
to which I told him we were leaving so I didn't want another drink, I wanted a refund. And he looked at me and said
"but not when you've drunk the whole drink"
and I said incredulously " It's glass, it's heavy! It sinks! I wouldn't have found it until I got to the bottom of the glass!"
Then when it became apparent I wasn't to be dissauded from my course he got one of the bar girls to give me my money after asking where I'd be served (about 5 times). Not impressed though. So my first Cargo experience was not a good one.

Help needed!!

We're having our engagement portraits taken tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear! He told us to wear casual clothes, Mark in a T shirt for example, so that sort of limits what I can wear in turn. I need help, any suggestions on what to wear people? Need help today!!!!

Engaged Encounter returns

Tonight Mark and I are going to help out at Engaged Encounter by showing the couples to their respective rooms. It's not a massive thing, but it gives a little bit back to a course that we thought was good. : )

I'm not familiar with Craiglist but...

....this is quite funny I thought. Found at Geese Aplenty

Bored blog, sick of the same old stats, seeks discreet encounters with random readers. Please no fly by night commenters--looking for long-term commitment leading to RSS feed subscription. Be willing to try exotic, unusual sentence formulations. Open to anything but flame wars are a hard limit.

About me: Four years old but feel only a few months at heart. Friends tell me my graphics are cute. I take up more bandwidth than I’d like but I’m working on slimming down. Party days are long behind me but still enjoy occasional linking and group blogrolling. I do have Google ads but otherwise financially self sufficient.
Bonus points if you have a fetish for black text on white background.

Your pic gets my screenshot.

Some very funny responses in the comments. I think billylou will appreciate particularly. I think I will add this to my daily blogs! : )
(also- bizarre- I got onto this site by doing what Re suggested and typing "{my name} needs" into Google. Funny responses!)
[bizarre #2- second time in as many days I've seen Craiglist (yesterday's post on the red paperclip) but still don't know what it is......]

Good 'ole Darwin Awards-Rectum Nearly Killed'm

Rectum Nearly Killed'm 2002 Personal Account
(June 2000) As a nurse in the intensive care unit of a large medical center, I've had the opportunity to care for many potential recipients of the Darwin Award. The man in this story didn't lose his life, but lost his dignity and claim to common sense, among other injuries.
At 3AM one morning, the charge nurse called to tell me to expect a patient from the ER who had just had an emergency bowel resection. Trying to stifle her laughter, she said the report nurse would call soon to fill me in on the details.
My coworkers and I speculated about possible reasons someone would require emergency bowel surgery in the middle of the night. Finally, the phone rang, and we sat in rapt silence to take the report on this unfortunate soul.
A 40-year-old white male came in complaining of abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. He claimed to be unaware of any reason for such symptoms. But during his examination, the physician discovered a coat hanger protruding from the patient's rectum.
When questioned, the man admitted he had inflicted this injury upon himself. Earlier that night, while his wife was at work, he was "pleasuring himself" when he had an urge to push an uncooked egg into his anus. Panicked when he lost it "up there," he tried to fish it out with the crooked end of a coat hanger. But the coat hanger became snagged!
He decided that maybe the vibration from a ride on his motorcycle would cause the whole mess to dislodge from his nether region. Finally, unable to stand the growing pain, he rode his motorcycle to the ER.
The physician removed the coat hanger, and repaired his intestines.
An hour later, his wife arrived. Minutes later, she stormed out of the room and demanded to be told what had happened. I told her she should ask her husband. She said he claimed that he didn't know, and that the medical staff wouldn't tell him anything. She was politely, but firmly, instructed to speak to the man's physician.
Darwin Says: More common than you'd think.

Good 'ole Darwin Awards-Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs 2002 Personal Account
When I was seventeen, I pruned the future of my own family tree.
(2002) Some friends and I had heard that you can make a plastic two-liter bottle explode by using dry ice and water to create pressure inside the capped bottle. We gathered up as many plastic soda bottles as we could, obtained dry ice from the icehouse, and planned targets for this particular brand of mayhem.
After the first "dry ice bomb" had gone off, we were left disappointed with the length of time it took to actually blow. Our first idea was to use a smaller bottle, but a one-liter bottle only created a weaker, but still painfully delayed, explosion. The second idea was to use warm water to drive a faster reaction with the dry ice. This created a more reasonable time for us to wait until the sweet satisfaction of being a successful teenage vandal came to fruition.
Now we became greedy. If warm water made it better, then hot water must make it even better still! Yours truly was the one to try it. I added ice, poured scalding hot water into the bottle, and capped the "bomb". I recall an immediate ringing in my ears, and blood, and plastic shards. The hospital was only a mile away, but it seemed like a light year.
At the hospital, I was rushed in and quickly assessed. Due to the way I had been cradling the bottle, my groin and thighs took most of the damage from plastic shrapnel. At the age of thirty, I have many scars to remind me of my teenage stupidity, but none as monumental as my pair of silicone testes!

Christian Brother's on the **** again

My man is famous!
And - we know.....get a haircut...

The big red Paperclip.

This is amazing. A guy started with a big red paperclip and swapped and traded it for bigger and better things until he eventually got a house! Amazing!
See full article here. Seriously though, talk about ingenuity!
This is what Mark and I need to do, ditch actually applying for a loan, oh no thats so passe dahling. What about a giant hamster? Who doesn't need one of those? Or....Hmmm......Mark has an extensive collection of name tags and hairnets *grin* I mean whoops.. I was thinking of Wayne. Such as easy mistake to make... What about a Giant Badger.....

How people got to me!

My latest report on how people have ended up at my site-

Google search with search field - "brides cheating on their honeymoons". I think this is hilarious. I was the third site pulled up! The post in question was "Skip the sugarcoated sweetness at the beginning if you like..." from a few days ago.

A Mighty Illusion comment I left in reference to an item (wood with nail) we saw while we were at The David Foster Experience in the Axeman's Hall of Fame.

A weird Spanish (I think?) Blog for an individual ( i can't even tell the name of the person) . But I can't read a word of it!! So I have no idea how they got to me. Hehee.

And google search - "anorexics unite". Again, I was the third site hit. *shrug*

It's interesting I think! Hehe.

Bridal Fug-cont

I strongly recommend checking out the site on the post below. If ever Fug was apparent, this site embodies it. Hilarious.
Re-you know what I'm saying here. Do it. Now. You know you want to. Before you eat. Before you sleep. Before everything else you could concievably do right now.....I said NOW!

Bridal Fug!

It's out there-and it's coming for you.....

"when You need a Rugged dress"

More fug gold - At the Cavalcade of Bad Brides

Lol-Oops Gold! Courtesy of E-Hell

".........My wife and I eloped two years ago. Eight months after we eloped we had a ceremony for friends and family. It was a lovely outdoor ceremony in a pavilion surrounded by rose gardens. I digress, the MOTB seemingly always tries to go above and beyond the call of an ordinary mother. For example, she used to call everyday sometimes three and four times a day just to see how we were doing. Anyway, we registered at a national store with internet registry (for those not located near a store). We registered for normal new couple things, practical items. The MOTB bought us a GE 26 cubic ft deep freezer (which we did not register for).
We have no idea why she bought the damned thing; we live downtown, everything is within walking distance. By the way, we live on the 14th floor in a condo with 9 rooms. So, after a year of bumping our toes and chins on the mammoth, we decide to get rid of it. So, we listed it on Ebay and sold it.

Good, problem solved - WRONG. Her unsuspecting mother won the auction."

Just having a whinge...........

........because we've been flat out at work today. Aaargghhh. Group certificates for everyone. Handed out by us. *sigh* Hope everyone else's day was a bit better. :c )
I'm going to the Myer tonight for the big clearance sale they're having. I need new trousers for work. I'm not really looking forward to all the trying on though....gah

Is it ever ok to snoop?

My interest has been piqued by an article I strayed upon in the Sydney Morning Herald today. Social commentary on whether it's ok to snoop, and what are you really looking for when you do?
This is the article, but it's the comments that really interested me. So many people that seemed to think it was essential to their relationship and to understanding their partner. One woman- No question girls !
Who ever knows what a man is thinking, who he is talking to and what about..

This I took to mean- we'll never know what men are all about-so why bother snooping, there is little to gain. But then- Keeping a casual eye over texts and emails is a must ! I think the phrasing is what really get me about it, so non-chalant!
Personally, I don't believe in snooping, I never have, and if I ever feel I want to, I would be seriously examining my relationship. I would be offended if I discovered Mark had, but on the other hand- I don't have anything to hide. It's hard to know actually, because if Mark came to me and said, I want to read your SMS's, I'd hand over my phone. But if he was secretly doing it I'd feel different.
There was another comment about how in the Technological age, we can never trust anyone, and therefore snooping must be carried out to ensure we're not screwed over.
Several posters noted that they suspected their partner of cheating and snooped-discovered they were right and ended the relationship. But does the end justify the means? What happens when you discover they aren't cheating? You feel dirty and ashamed probably. And realise the depths you have sunk to.
The issue was raised of whether it's appropriate to have your partner with access to all your email etc. What about your own privacy? What if you need to vent about THEM if they really give you the s&^ts but you can't because they have access to every area of your life? This is valid, but I would expect that it should be in response to a disagreement or such and if your snooping partner decided to read such subject matter, then they would dismiss the rant for someone who is upset. So it isn't really much to worry about.

So what of everyone else? Thoughts people.....

Skip the sugarcoated sweetness at the beginning if you like...

There are so many times when I tell myself I have the most wonderful fiancee or the most wonderful parents-usually after reading some horrendous story. Today I was reminded how Lovely Sue is. Read on....

I stumbled upon your sight while in the process of planning my wedding. It is hilarious. But I have to say the story of my best friend's mother-in-law tops them all....
My best friend comes from a very respectable family. They are the kindest of people and they are always polite and well-mannered. When my best friend got married her mother and father graciously offered to foot the bill. They hosted a wonderful event from the church ceremony to the garden reception. It was a truly memorable wedding. They went out of their way to be gracious and make sure all of their guests were comfortable.
Unfortunately, my best friend was not so lucky to fall in love will a man who had a similar family background. Actually, his family is fine, it's one particular person from the family that lacks the most remote inkling of social graces - his mother.
My best friend and her husband were young when they got married, and had very little money of their own at the time. Her husband, (then fiance) politely asked his mother if she would be able to contribute something towards the honeymoon, since it was the responsibility of the groom's family to pay for this and the bride's family was pretty much paying for everything else. She rudely shouted ,"Pay for it yourself!" (This woman gets huge alimony payments from her ex-husband and could have easily afforded to give a little something). So after this they accepted that they would not be able to have a honeymoon and would wait to have a "postponed honeymoon" in the future when they had more money.
After her ex-husband heard that they were not having a honeymoon because the mother refused to help at all, he offered to pay for the entire thing (even though he has no blood relation to the groom). They were overjoyed with his generosity and accepted.
OK - here is where this story starts to get good. They were going to go to the mountains for thier honeymoon. They were married in January and it would be snowing where they were headed. They did not own the type of car that could safely make it up a mountain road in the snow so they asked the mother-in-law if they could borrow her nice 4X4 vehicle for the 4 days of their honeymoon. They would trade her for their car for the four days so that she would have transportation. You would think she would be concerned primarily about her son's saftey but that was the last thing on her mind. She said that their car WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH for her and that she would only accept the BRIDE'S PARENTS BMW as a trade for the four days. Well, the bride's parents said no because they thought that this was a rude and unreasonable request - not to mention they didn't trust her with their car.
Then the mother-in-law said that she would only let them borrow her car if they GAVE HER the set of brand new tires that they had just put on their car (a major expense for this new couple starting out that had to be put on a credit card). Since they felt this was all they could do to have a honeymoon they agreed and swapped her old tires for their brand-new tires.
You think THIS is gets worse...way worse. Two days before the wedding she anounces that SHE WILL BE GOING ON THE HONEYMOON WITH THEM! I kid you not- this is a true (painfully true) story. They had booked a honeymoon suite with one bed (obiviously) in a hotel that was booked full. My best friend, the bride, tried to politely explain that there was only one bed and that they wanted PRIVACY on their honeymoon. She said she didn't mind SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR!!!! The groom was so mortified he couldn't even bring himself to talk to her about it. The bride finally said, "No- we are going by ourselves". So then the mother-in-law from hell demanded that she go on the honeymoon OR ELSE they would not be able to use her car! This after they had already traded her for the set of four tires just for the use of the car! The bride was in tears with only two days before the wedding and this psycho mom tormenting her. They decided that they would rather not go at all then have mom tag along on the honeymoon.
The bride's family felt so bad about it they made arrangement to pay for a 4X4 for the 4 days of the honeymoon even though all of their money (and then some) had already been exhausted from the large wedding ( a large wedding mainly because of the mother-in-laws extensive guest list which included all of her friends that the bride and groom had never even met before.)
And now the grand finale. She KEPT THE TIRES even after they asked for them back. Not only could she not do one kind thing to help them but she basically stole from them on their wedding day! She said it was their choice not to take her on the honeymoon and that she would call the cops on them if they tried to remove the tires. They decided it wasn't worth their effort to deal with her antics anymore and she is still driving with their tires on her car to this day. UNREAL!!!

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