Help needed!! Part II

Ok everone, you can relax. But only to a point. The engagement pictures got called off cos it was raining : ( but that means Mark can still get a haircut (thank god) and I have more time to plan the outfit. So we're still taking suggestions people.

And Re made a valid comment-who would have thought it was so much work hehehehe

How was everyone's weekend? Saturday night we went into Cargo bar for a work friends birthday. I have two stories from this. Actually I'll back up.

Friday night we went and helped out at Engaged Encounter by showing people to their rooms. Normally I imagine an uneventful story, but, on our night, the Fire Alarm went off. Now I sincerley hope that I'm never in a burning building and the fire alarm goes off. You know what I'm talking about here-we stood around listening to this irritating whine before everyone sort of looks at each other and says "should we evacuate?"
and then there's more standing around going
"well would you check out how annoying that alarm is-can't they shut it off"
"oh no, they can't? Oh, maybe we should leave".
All of which by now if there really was a fire, we'd all be roast pork. So we all evacuate eventually, and stand around while the Fire truck's arrive (those guys reek-seriously) and then after more standing around it's all declared to be ok. Turns out this is the third time the alarm's gone off, the last time was 4 AM Friday morning. yuk. Then we went out for Indian for dinner which was lovely.
In another example of Mark-somehow-knowing-everyone-on-the-entire-planet-who's-ever-drawn-breath, the guy who rang us to ask us to be Meet-and-greeters, he's Mark's Cousin(Kim)'s Husband(Sean)'s Cousin (this guy). Go figure.

So, Saturday we went and spent some time with Mark's Aunt who works for the CBA to talk Home Loans. Then we went and looked at Suits for the boys and this lovely woman at MW Formalwear helped us even though her shop had actually closed for the day. So we need to go back with the boys, but we have an idea what we're doing now, and it was very good of her to spare us some time).
Saturday Night as I was saying we went to Cargo Bar, (and this is why I backtracked) and we saw this couple that did the same Engaged Encounter as we did! It was bizarre, considering we'd only just done the meet and greet thing on Friday night. I saw them across the bar and said to Mark "isn't that that couple from EE?" and we decreed it was. And then not long after, they approached us! The weird thing is that they've since broken up and are only now just re-evaluating getting back together. Massive decision for them as they were meant to marry early August, so they had to call off the wedding and that's caused family tensions as you can imagine. But all the best to them, I hope it works for them.
My other story from Saturday night-at Cargo bar, we were finishing our drinks as the group was leaving, when what should I suck up in my straw, but a shard of glass! Not once, but Twice! So I thought to myself, well, I won't stand for this. So I put the second piece back in the glass and went to the bar and asked to speak to a manager. At first the guy tried to tell me he didn't know where the manager was, then he was located. So I told him (screaming over the music I might add-which actually when I read back makes me sound like a nanna) and he tipped the contents of the glass over the marble bar, and between us we couldn't find the piece again (damn).
But he said to me "what are you drinking"
to which I told him we were leaving so I didn't want another drink, I wanted a refund. And he looked at me and said
"but not when you've drunk the whole drink"
and I said incredulously " It's glass, it's heavy! It sinks! I wouldn't have found it until I got to the bottom of the glass!"
Then when it became apparent I wasn't to be dissauded from my course he got one of the bar girls to give me my money after asking where I'd be served (about 5 times). Not impressed though. So my first Cargo experience was not a good one.

1 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Re said...
July 19, 2006 8:09 AM

Gahhh customer service much?
What ever happened to the customer is right???

And GLASS!!!!!! IN YOUR DRINK! So not cool. I can't imagine it's coming out of his wage to give you a refund, so whats up with the hesitation? (can't imagine too many people have this complaint, RIGHT?)
What a d**k

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