How people got to me! ~III

This segment is late this week, and I'm sorry, Monday when I normally do it I was off work because I couldn't walk,a nd then I got all caught up in work. Lame.

So here we go- There's heaps this week! So here's a selection
  1. The Diary of a new home!
  2. Because Scientists are funnier than you are. I think this was a quirky blog I clicked on but then didn't continue with.
  3. which I'm assuming was because of the Sun photo posted earlier! Wasn't that the coolest pic though!? I loved it.
  4. A Google Search for {engagement pictures AND "what to wear"} Which related to Help Need Pt II . Kinda cool though!
  5. A Search for Jatablog! Which if you recall was one of last week's HPG2M's. And hey, did you know Google comes entirely in Spanish? (I'm so sheltered)
  6. And rounding us out- My friend Robbie, who's blog is a Marketing Odyssey (sidebar).

I've decided my favorite ones are the Google Searches. They're funny!

And I get a lot of hits with "Anorexic" searches. Hmmm.....

1 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Cash said...
July 29, 2006 7:22 AM

QUIRKY??? We're the funniest scientists ever. All the other science blogs are like, "Waaaah, global warming" and "Christianity stinks."

We're the only ones who say, "Bring on the supermodels and we'll talk about string theory."

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