Lol-Oops Gold! Courtesy of E-Hell

".........My wife and I eloped two years ago. Eight months after we eloped we had a ceremony for friends and family. It was a lovely outdoor ceremony in a pavilion surrounded by rose gardens. I digress, the MOTB seemingly always tries to go above and beyond the call of an ordinary mother. For example, she used to call everyday sometimes three and four times a day just to see how we were doing. Anyway, we registered at a national store with internet registry (for those not located near a store). We registered for normal new couple things, practical items. The MOTB bought us a GE 26 cubic ft deep freezer (which we did not register for).
We have no idea why she bought the damned thing; we live downtown, everything is within walking distance. By the way, we live on the 14th floor in a condo with 9 rooms. So, after a year of bumping our toes and chins on the mammoth, we decide to get rid of it. So, we listed it on Ebay and sold it.

Good, problem solved - WRONG. Her unsuspecting mother won the auction."

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