Now on Fug they have a rule about not fugging everyday people because normal people don't pay stylists to ensure they look good. Now, I have no such compunction! BUT-I'm sure it violates this girl's privacy to post a photo of her abominable fashion taste (ie I don't think it's legal)
So, while I won't post the photo I sneakily took at the servo while I was waiting to fill up, which I subsequently sent to Re so we could laugh about it-I will talk about it.

Picture this- A girl in her late teens, early 20's, so gets out of her new Barina, she has the wind in her long brown hair. My first thought-well would you look at that jacket, navy, with some widely spaced red pinstriping-interesting I think. I then look to her lower half where she has paired this jacket with a pair of long black leggings, that's fine I think, she could have been at ballet? But no-on her feet, Hot pink pointy pumps. As 80's as it gets. Her ears were sporting Large sparkly hoops, and to top off the ensemble-A black band t-shirt under her Navy jacket.


So to re cap- Black leggings, pink heels, short navy jacket with red stripes (which displayed her lycra clad ass to the world) and black t-shirt. And she was definitely going out somewhere-no excuses.

And I don't think she was in a play.

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Re said...
July 19, 2006 10:02 PM

Yes it's all true people!! I saw the sneaky cam (I think is illegal, can be construed as stalking but how I know this another story) shot and it was even horrid through the fish-eyed phone cam veiw.

THOSE SHOES WERE THE WORST. No. Sorry. The COMBINATION was, oh no the shoes were gross, oh and I hate leggins aka fuggins, and stripes? hmm
Just strip her off and start again like the fashion incontinent she is.

VDOprincess said...
July 22, 2006 3:54 AM

we want to see the picture! You can chop out her head so we can't identify her...please?

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