Who am I GOING to be...?

Sort of disturbed to discover that when I google my full name now, there's not a lot there, something about someone in the UK with my name but essentially a non-event, and certainly nothing attributed to me personally.

But, when I google my new married name, she's already out there! Doing stuff! And she's considerably older than me, so she's had loads more time to be productive! She's an artist in the Hawkesbury Area, and she's been moderately successful by the looks of it. This is one of her abstract landscapes that I sorta liked. So now I feel sort of second hand already, and that's not even me yet! *sigh* And before you say it, I know it's a spastic thing to worry about. heehee. I do like the painting though.....

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Re said...
July 19, 2006 9:53 PM

Oh thats lovely... you're quite talented arn't you! ;)

ps; i hate this word verifaction business GR

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