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Drunken dress

This dress, is made of bottletops! Wonders never cease!
The second photo shows how it unhooks so it can fit through doorways.

Our idol fug conversation

becuase I thought it was amusing that some guy got paid by Tv Week to blog his blow by blow thoughts on the Finale, I give you, the text conversation between Re and I during the finale.

(RE) 8.50 Idol Fug! the little girl is wearing some lovely diamonds, black dress and purple footless tights! WHY!

(Me) 8.52 I Know! we said the same thing!

8.54 haha a day of fug

8.56 but...but...*splutters* she has a stylist!

8.58 fuck do you see that polka dot thing!

8.59 Are those stonewash jeans?

9.03 eh gad(sic) this isn't going to be pretty

9.04 Denim dress! Sleeveless man shirt!

9.15 I had to get rid of it. Andrew looks awful in that shiny suit thing

9.17 She almost matches!

9.19 haha well why not

9.22 wonder if she has another costume change in break.

9.22 probably she's only had two so far lol

9.23 who has your vote?

9.23 the boy i think, gotta love an accent!

9.25 Yeah baby. Are those studs on the back of that jacket?

9.26 he got your vote? oh jesus i hope not turn around love haha

9.31 It may have even been lacing, and i love em both!

9.54 surely that isn't the end of the fug?

10.02 haha i gave up watching. tell me who wins lol

10.03 Tights under purple hot pants!

10.05 oh i see! no that's terrible. see another costume change. they will be too tired to sing.

10.06 And she'll change again now. So Shiny.

10.13 pancake boobs

(this after announcement made) 10.14 a disgrace to mammories everywhere! go damo! god speak english buddy lol

10.16 Haha Say Anything!

10.16 eh ah eh too be sure to be sure

10.20 Alicia is predicting Emo idol.

10.23 do

10.25 God kill me

10.24 lol that was supposed to be ew... fuckin emos haha

Close out....

Tea bag business

And they all bowed down and chanted "Hail, Queen of Lipton!!"

This seriously reminds me so much of the dancing scene in the King and I. Yul Brenner version. Eliza run! Poor Eliza! Eliza Run! This dress is made entirely of Tea bags and comes from lovely hah. Apparently, she even used the jiggly string for thread!

Pammy confirms she is not Rocked after all.

I am shocked and amazed. You mean a white bikini and a sailor hat wedding do not guarantee a long and lasting union? Boy is my face red now.

Oz Idol Fug Red Carpet

Well last night was the premiere event for young musical hopefuls to view for themselves the glittering spectacular the music industry can be. Unfortunately though, some people can't seem to dress themselves for such an event-
Exhibit A.
I don't even know who this girl is? Anyone fill me in? Some awful Home and Away starlet? Is it Neighbours fug? Its probably her hair that is really giving me the heebie jeebies. And maybe the polka dots.
More to come, but their website very busy this morning as you can imagine.

Oz Idol Fug various

In an effort to bring you all the idol fug you can handle, here are some of the atrocities. Unfortunately a few of my absolute favorites from the night I can't get pictures from on the official website, so I'll keep trekking for you!

Exhibit B

Now I don't want to be awful, but I am sort of biased with this one, because I don't really like Casey Donovan, the winner from '** (whenever she won). She gets invited to this event only because she's a previous winner. Mostly I hate the hat. And the piercing. And I wish she would go away. (i did say I was biased)
Exhibit C

The Girl in Blue in this picture isn't too bad, I almost like her dress. The Girl In Grey however, fug city. That dress is awful and reminds me of those black dresses with white piping that you could buy everywhere about 5 years ago in the Chinese clothes cheap shops (you know the ones before SES, Temt, Valleygirl etc took the clothing industry by cheap storm). They were always kind of cool looking in a prostitute-pirate-ruffles kind of way. For a pretty blonde girl she could be wearing something that looks so much better. Also, again, who are these girls?

Exhibits D and E

Sadly this picture didn't truly capture the fug that was this set of costumes. In the middle we have Lisa, in a horrid vest thing with a shirt that I think is two different lengths! Look at the hem, one sode definitely lower than the other.
The other crime, Klancie's furry pants. Aaaarrrgghhh. I must admit though that when watching, I thought they had committed a crime against jeans and put her in super stone washed jeans. But instead its stepped up to furry. And what's worse is that I have a sneaking suspicion she's worn these before, but can't find an image. You'd think they'd have learnt their lesson the first time, and that their wardrobe department wasn't quite so hard pressed for clothes.
Exhibit F
They usually dress Jess so well and when I first saw this I thought, "isn't that dress sweet, the bow's a bit iffy, but its black satin so it kinda works". THEN. I saw the lower half of her. As below.
And I thought, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and appalled. Purple tight fuggins!??!>>!???
It's a crime against young attractive girls everywhere! Why couldn't they just stick with the dress and be done with it!!?? Why do they always have to fug it up?!
Exhibit G

In the case of the Pancake Breast, at approximately 9.53 on the night of Sunday the 26th of November, Jessica Mauboys breasts were apprehended trying to escape from her dress. Thankfully we were able to get there before she went on stage and were able to strap them down good and tight, with no hope of them ever looking attractive again.

Once again, the Breast Police were able to prevent young women "getting their girls out" in front of a large live audience. Unfortunately, we were unable to prevent the atrocity of Tara Reid, or Janet Jackson's breast exposure. (or Tammy at Y & M's wedding)

If You witness breast exposure, or are worried about someone you know, call Breast Stoppers on 1800 ........................

Photos and Flickr

That last post was my 200th post you know. I'm pretty impressed : )

I've opened one of those Flickr sites to post all the wedding pics on but the limit of how much you can upload in a month has been reached for me so I'll post some here : )

These were taken by Mark's brother Scott so we'd have something fairly quickly while the professional photos came through.

More to follow soon

I'm back baby!


hello and thank you for your custom! I'm back from marriage and honeymoon and feeling very relaxed and refreshed. No pictures to post yet but will have some up soon hopefully.

One is the loneliest number....

Well this is it people! Tomorrow's the day!!
We're pretty much set to go, I'm feeling pretty relaxed, not nervous or anything, although people keep asking me if I am.
So I've managed to jump on billylou's laptop for this post to just say, see you in a few weeks, I'll try post some photos when we have them to hand, lots of love to you all and sorry it's been all wedding ranty.
Wish me luck, I'll see you-on the other side.

And btw-eegor I'm devastated to read on your blog that you're staying in Malaysia for a year.... :*-( I'm going to miss you!!!

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