Oz Idol Fug various

In an effort to bring you all the idol fug you can handle, here are some of the atrocities. Unfortunately a few of my absolute favorites from the night I can't get pictures from on the official website, so I'll keep trekking for you!

Exhibit B

Now I don't want to be awful, but I am sort of biased with this one, because I don't really like Casey Donovan, the winner from '** (whenever she won). She gets invited to this event only because she's a previous winner. Mostly I hate the hat. And the piercing. And I wish she would go away. (i did say I was biased)
Exhibit C

The Girl in Blue in this picture isn't too bad, I almost like her dress. The Girl In Grey however, fug city. That dress is awful and reminds me of those black dresses with white piping that you could buy everywhere about 5 years ago in the Chinese clothes cheap shops (you know the ones before SES, Temt, Valleygirl etc took the clothing industry by cheap storm). They were always kind of cool looking in a prostitute-pirate-ruffles kind of way. For a pretty blonde girl she could be wearing something that looks so much better. Also, again, who are these girls?

Exhibits D and E

Sadly this picture didn't truly capture the fug that was this set of costumes. In the middle we have Lisa, in a horrid vest thing with a shirt that I think is two different lengths! Look at the hem, one sode definitely lower than the other.
The other crime, Klancie's furry pants. Aaaarrrgghhh. I must admit though that when watching, I thought they had committed a crime against jeans and put her in super stone washed jeans. But instead its stepped up to furry. And what's worse is that I have a sneaking suspicion she's worn these before, but can't find an image. You'd think they'd have learnt their lesson the first time, and that their wardrobe department wasn't quite so hard pressed for clothes.
Exhibit F
They usually dress Jess so well and when I first saw this I thought, "isn't that dress sweet, the bow's a bit iffy, but its black satin so it kinda works". THEN. I saw the lower half of her. As below.
And I thought, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and appalled. Purple tight fuggins!??!>>!???
It's a crime against young attractive girls everywhere! Why couldn't they just stick with the dress and be done with it!!?? Why do they always have to fug it up?!
Exhibit G

In the case of the Pancake Breast, at approximately 9.53 on the night of Sunday the 26th of November, Jessica Mauboys breasts were apprehended trying to escape from her dress. Thankfully we were able to get there before she went on stage and were able to strap them down good and tight, with no hope of them ever looking attractive again.

Once again, the Breast Police were able to prevent young women "getting their girls out" in front of a large live audience. Unfortunately, we were unable to prevent the atrocity of Tara Reid, or Janet Jackson's breast exposure. (or Tammy at Y & M's wedding)

If You witness breast exposure, or are worried about someone you know, call Breast Stoppers on 1800 ........................

3 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

billylou said...
November 27, 2006 6:00 PM

Tammy at Y & M's wedding??

Did she manage to slip a bit of nipple in between painting my face brown and flogging cosmetics?

Dataceptionist said...
November 28, 2006 8:48 AM

hahaha no wrong Tammy sorry!! Tammy was the girl's name whose boobs popped out of her dress in the bouquet toss!

Re said...
November 29, 2006 12:34 PM

I cant belive those cut off purple fuggins.


Did she?! Ahh the sacrifices a girl makes for the bouquet, and she didnt even catch it!

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