One is the loneliest number....

Well this is it people! Tomorrow's the day!!
We're pretty much set to go, I'm feeling pretty relaxed, not nervous or anything, although people keep asking me if I am.
So I've managed to jump on billylou's laptop for this post to just say, see you in a few weeks, I'll try post some photos when we have them to hand, lots of love to you all and sorry it's been all wedding ranty.
Wish me luck, I'll see you-on the other side.

And btw-eegor I'm devastated to read on your blog that you're staying in Malaysia for a year.... :*-( I'm going to miss you!!!

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eegor Jones said...
November 16, 2006 1:54 AM

wow.. I'm thinking about you Vonny! Married? I have enough trouble getting laid.. hahah
oh, did i just say that?


I wonder what your blog theme is going to be, now that YOU ARE MARRIED? hehe

btw, there's a typo in my blog address on his post.. no comma's allowed.

I will miss you too, but will see you soonly, back at the end of the year, if you're around.
Having a great time here, missing everyone though.

All the very very bestest Von


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