Sleep! Who needs sleep!

I had the worst night's sleep last night. And when I did sleep, it was peppered with these weird wedding dreams. One of my dreams was that it was the morning of the wedding and we were all having hair and makeup done and it was the worst weather, pouring rain and slate gray skies, no hope of it clearing. So everyone's having makeup and hair done and I'm sitting there waiting and suddenly it;s like 11.30 and the photographers arrived and I haven't had anything done and he's at home and I'm not.....

I realised I was awake at one stage, awake and sort of tossing around, and my brain was absolutely racing with wedding crap, none of which I remember at all this morning, so I hope I didn't think I was solving the problems of the world at the time. It was like 3.30 or something and I do remember thinking, great, I was trying to get good sleep before the wedding so I don't look like some sort of hung over sleep deprived mess, and I'm lying awake. Bah.

The other dream I had was this bizarre psuedo world and I somehow was in this Coles-type store, except I was just standing there, a customer I think, and this guy asked me to get behind the counter and serve and I was pulling out this weird cigarette type clear drawers, and selling cigarettes and Nurtimetics makeup brushes. And the sky was some sort of weird lilac colour or something. It was all very strange.

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billylou said...
October 31, 2006 1:22 PM

Sleep is for the weak!!

Remember Ski Trip From Hell? I think I went about 48 hours there without sleep. (Remember staying up all night on a coach and then being dumped on a ski field? Good times.) Anyway we were FINE. A tantrum in the middle of a mountain and a panic attack on a chair lift were FUN, right?

Nothing but Real Men in this bridal party.

Also at least you're not dreaming about having a baby and leaving it at home on the bed with the cat while you go to work cos that one really tripped me out!

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