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I am so over the bullshit and beaurocracy in companies! GARRARAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Seriously! We've got this stupid Barbecque for stupid use by stupid departments and no one can fucking take care of it properly!! I've taken to saying to anyone who wants to use it that we don't provide anything to faciliate BBQ's except the actual BBQ and the gas. We had utensils and stuff, bgut it's like bloody pulling teeth to get the things returned! I had particular trouble a few months ago with a dept who promised they would return them clean by COB the same day. I chased them for a few weeks before I got them back. So when they asked to borrow them again, I was all like "well only if you promise to return them" and that issue got completely missed, he brought the Social Club into it and said they were the Social Club's things to begin with. So in the end the social club have claimed back all their stupid utensils and he can be their problem.

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Re said...
October 19, 2006 8:34 PM

*danger!* RANT @ 10 PACES

(And when saying this I do include myself in the human race.)

Like if something doesn't seem to effect them directly they don't give two frogs fat arses.
But that (no mattter how lame, like return thme fuckers!) effects everyone because now YOU want nothing to do with it.
Bet they can't BBQ a sausage without tongs?

Robert Steers said...
October 20, 2006 10:45 AM

Hey thanks for the blog love. Good article. Very Interesting!

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