T-5 and counting

5 days people!
Excitement has started to kick in. Along with Nerves.
Last night we went to mass, Mark particularly asked me to come as it's the last mass before we marry. I have a feeling he was expecting what occured.
Right at the end of the service, when they were doing all the relaxed bits, Father Jim called us up and asked the congregation to pray with him for us. It was nice, and that's when I really had a butterflies in the stomach moment and I realised that in less than a week we'll be standing in that very spot and getting married! Mark had his moment earlier in the day when we were discussing the run of the reception with our MC, Mark's cousin Jab. Also when Jab's wife Bianca was on the phone and she referred to us as "Jab's cousin and his wife" hehehe.
So it's all coming along, the details aren't completely ironed out as yet, but it's happening. I'm excited, I'm possibly more excited about finishing work tomorrow!!! At this stage at least. I think it'll hit home a bit more after I've finished work.
Hope to blog a bit more before the wedding, but we'll see!

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eegor Jones said...
November 02, 2006 8:36 PM

All the very, very best Vonnykins! Thinking of you.

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