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This is a post by Greg at Geese Aplenty which I think is hilarious. Would love to have be in that meeting.....

A letter to my employer:

Dear Employer!
I want to thank you for recently replacing my cell phone with a Blackberry. I know you did this to increase my efficiency and productivity, ensuring that I’m “plugged in” at all times and can respond to emails with lightning speed. And so I can! I know that this additional efficiency is important to you, so I want to assure you that what happened today will never happen again. It’s just that I was kind of bored in that application demo meeting today. You remember the one, right? There must have been fifteen people in the room! But I didn’t have much to do so I started playing with my Blackberry, which I don’t really know how to use. And I opened up the web browser and went to CNN.com and lo and behold! They had an interview with Daniel Handler about the final Lemony Snicket book coming out this Friday.

So I read it! And it was funny! And I looked up and nothing was going on in the meeting, so I looked back at my screen and saw a link that said “Handler Responds to Rumors about a New Movie.” And then I clicked it. And it took a long time to load, but I figured whatever, it’s a Blackberry, right? But I didn’t realize that 1) it was a
sound file and 2) a Blackberry can actually play a sound file. So imagine my surprise when my Blackberry suddenly screamed “SO WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF A NEW MOVIE, MR. HANDLER?!” into the middle of the meeting room.

Anyway, after everything settled down, I knew that I had learned my lesson! And you can rely on me for efficiency and productivity from now on! Because now I know that it’s very, very bad to surf the web during meetings. Because that’s not what a Blackberry is for.

So instead I spent the rest of the meeting playing “Brickbreaker.”

Imagine that happening! Hahahaha

2 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

billylou said...
October 11, 2006 1:54 PM

Dude it HAS been a slow day huh??

But it suits me as mine has been equally slow. One of those "I'm sure there's something I should be doing right now but I don't know what that is so I'll just sit here and refresh other people's blogs in the hopes of them updating" - and so far you have been solid gold on the blog updating front. Thanks!

And LOL Brickbreaker. Hilarious.

Hmm I just feel like rambling aimlessly in the comments section of your blog.

Remember the awesome toast I had this morning? (For those not in the loop, I had awesome toast this morning. And no, sadly, that's not a metaphor for anything substantially more fun than toasted bread). Well, in this karmic universe in which we live, subsequently, my lunch was AWFUL. Like, seriously, BLEH. It was this instant rice thing, and they're normally good, but I got adventurous and got the 'oriental' flavour, which certainly had an original flavour, but sadly that flavour could be most accurately described as 'old sock'.

So I chucked it and ate cake instead.

I should probably go!

Happy blogging ;)

Dataceptionist said...
October 11, 2006 1:57 PM

***that's not a metaphor for anything substantially more fun than toasted bread)***

Hahahahahaha LMAO. have some...toast....

***that flavour could be most accurately described as 'old sock'***

Ew. Hahaha

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