Little Barbie girls

(you can tell I haven't had much work today can't you?)

I read a very accurate article today about the over sexualising of little girls in today's society. It's an issue I have actually thought a lot about in recent years as little girls went from wearing appropriate clothes to looking like little hookers. If I had a dollar for every time I had a conversation with someone my age when we mourned the death of Supre as a wonderful source of clothing for kids.

Annoyingly, when I went to find a picture of some gross kids clothing, and could I find any? No! Albeit I didn't try very hard.....but I know they're out there! Target particularly is a terrible culprit, they're always stocking awful looking leopard print skirts and little boots and stuff. *shudder* So horrid girls underwear will have to do.The catch I think with this kind of issue, and the one I battle with when I think of having little girls myself in the future, is that while I don't want my girls to be tarting themselves up from as young as 6, I also don't want to ostracize them from friendship groups for being daggy and uncool! I hope I raise girls who are confident enough in themselves not to care, but there's no guarantees, and I think an even worse problem would be being the pushy mum and all like "you don't care-because I'm telling you you shouldn't!" but then they still care. I mean to some degree I guess no matter how confident you are, no matter how old you get you still have some care for the preception of yourself. Actually, excluding old people, they don't seem to give a rats.

Hmmm.... maybe it's the folly of youth I still experience and in 5 years I will truly not care. I care little now, but sometimes I catch myself caring. I look around behind me and it's snuck up on me. Garrr.

More on my insecurities at a later date.....

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