Laws of Human Communication

As per Hugh Mackay

First Law
It's not what our message does to the listener, but what the listener does with the message, that determines our success as communicators.
Second Law
Listeners generally interpret messages in ways which make them feel comfortable and secure.
Third Law
When peoples attitudes are attacked head-on, they are likely to defend those attitudes and, in the process, to reinforce them.
Fourth Law
People pay most attention to messages which are relevant to their own circumstances and point of view.
Fifth Law
People who feel insecure in a relationship are unlikely to be good listeners.
Sixth Law
People are more likely to listen to us if we listen to them.
Seventh Law
People are more likely to change in reponse to a combination of new experiences and communication than in response to communication alone.
Eighth Law
People are more likely to support a change which affects them if they are consulted before the change is made.
Ninth Law
The message and what is said will be interpreted in the light of 'how', 'when', 'where', and 'by whom' it is said.
Tenth Law
Lack of self knowledge and an unwillingness to resolve our own internal conflicts make it harder for us to communicate to other people.

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