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I just want to preface this discussion by saying in no way am I having a go at billylou.

That said, now that she's worried, hehehee, I had a very interesting moment last night with billylou, who is also my MOH and housemate. I was reading through my brother's Order of Service (OOS) and drew bl's attention to a couple of passages I thought were interesting (in their difference to our own) and she made mention she'd never been to a wedding before. While not uncommon, I later clarified with her "so you've never been to a wedding" and she said, "no not a proper one.....I mean my Aunt got married but it was in the mountains and it wasn't proper" (or words to that effect, the intention was not that her aunt had some sort of quasi/commitment ceremony-marriage at all-but that it wasn't in "common" format). But what was taken from it, was that since she didn't get married in a church it wasn't a "proper wedding". And again I will preface this in saying that I mean Proper as in "the norm" not Proper as in "regal and well mannered"
At this point I want to say that billylou is quite welcome to clarify her point, I am simply using this brief interlude as a platform for further discussion.

And my discussion is this-if billylou truly thinks that a "proper wedding" is one involving a church or one involving simply Pomp and Ceremony, then I think that's really interesting! As many girls choose the Garden Ceremony road, or similar, and church weddings are only 60% of weddings or something now. I'm not sure of the specific stats, but they're on the decline now. And (not to say she {the aunt in question} would) but some more sensitive brides would probably be quite offended for someone to think they hadn't had a proper wedding. I mean getting hitched is getting hitched right? And just as much thought and work goes into planning a garden wedding as a church wedding, if not more! Being that you have to consider seating and draping and arches and possibly a carpet aisle and a pretty venue and weather and where the guests will stand etc etc. Me-I've got pew bows and flowers. The rest is pretty much sorted. Not to mention at least with a church wedding I didn't have to think up an interesting arrangement for my ceremony order and think up cool meaningful vows and stuff. {I'm really just lazy actually} But if I had done all those things, they would be just as real as a church wedding. But this is a mindset that is possibly permeating our societal thinking. I'm interested to hear your views on this!

And AGAIN, I reiterate, I am NOT having a go at billylou and all mistakes in tone are my own.

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Re said...
October 19, 2006 8:30 PM

You know this is strange.

I have been raised as a Catholic, baptised, confirmed, attended Catholic high school 7 - 12 and now I really couldn't give a toss about church.
I have respect for people’s beliefs (on the proviso they do not insert it in my left nostril) go off to church, synagogue, temple whatever – I just find it difficult to get past the checkered past of Roman Catholicism.
But my idea of a 'wedding' is in a church.
Perhaps I could over look the idea of spiritual admonishment if my partner was more religious, but I don’t know if I could stand in front of a priest and make a promise G(g)od.

Haha but whats this garden wedding shyte?

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