Climate change in Australia

I have always payed a bit of interest to reports and issues of climate change in the news and such. We did a case study on the Kyoto Protocol in Legal studies at school and while I have in no way been an avid follower of the stories, I pay more attention that just skimming over the headline.
---At this stage I wish to point out this aided in the duping of me in the near infamous story about the Plant Room now.---
It was with interest then that I read an article in the
SMH this morning Finally, the penny drops about the Government's shift of attitude, finally, on the issue. To Summarise, Alexander Downer appeared at an event in Adelaide, an outdoor event;

"It was a bloody hot day, 33 degrees and a north wind - often the Port Elliott show is cold and rainy," recalls Downer.................."It's time,".........
and I was prompted to think about a discussion I had with Jess, just the day before yesterday about the very same issue. My birthday has always been the 7th of October (duh), and it's getting hotter every year. When I was at school, I remember countless birthday party organisational sessions where it was decreed the party would be held at the very end of October (often clashing with my school chum Andie's Bday) so as to facilitate the use of the backyard pool. And even then, it didn't always come off and was still slightly chilly and swimming unlikely.
With all this in mind then, cast your thoughts back to last Saturday's 34 Degree day in which (I at least) sweated in my short short skirt and could not get cool enough! And that my friends, was the 14th of October. This week has been peppered with very hot days, and it's not even technically Summer, in fact we're only half way through Spring.
What does this mean that our extreme summer days will hold for us? Blistering 45 degree days? If this is the case then our school children will be rejoicing and their parents tearing their hair out. The incidence of skin cancers will rise, Coke will make a motza, even though it refuses to hydrate us, and women will wear even less than they currently do (is that possible?).
I do think Climate change is something that is vitally important to our country for consideration, the hole is above us people! Australia is copping it, through drought and the hardships it causes. I don't know anyone on land or anything, I can't imagine how hard it must be for those people.
The Queensland government recently made the decision to flood a rich dairy farming valley for dams for water for Brisbane. It was a shocking story, all this rich fertile farm land that was being destroyed so Brisbane could have water, when Brisbane's rainfall was huge compared to the valley.
It really made me think hard about how in Sydney we should be utilising grey water.

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