Supre fug

I am dedicating a whole post to laughing at Supre's website and what they call clothes. Hahahaha already. Now I will disclaimer this by saying I shop at Supre. BUT I shop at Supre for casual clothes and for good basics. And when I was single they had great clothes for that too.

But Behold- And this is my main beef, Under the heading CORPORATE! AARrrgggghhhhhh!

I am flabbergasted! A breast enhancer!?! Leggings!? Boob Tubes! What kind of work is Supre equipping their customers for? Need I even use the H word? I just cannot believe it, seriously. I may as well go out and become a prostitute, which they bloody well are already-right commuters? *wink*.

The rest of their website is standard Supre fare, but I'll include a few for fun.
The first I don't think I need to say anything do I?
The second-I would have though Supre could afford to hire a model to make their clothes look good. Now no one's looking at her cherries are they? NO. They're looking at the godawful tan line from her Halter Swimsuit! Get a different model! There are girls a dime a dozen who would die to be a Supre Model I bet, and have their friends green with envy looking at them in a catalogue or whatever. It would be the next young twit's break.

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