The dog, or the man?

well the weirdness continues. Months ago now, way back in May, I posted about a friend, who I'll call Peg. The post (found here) was about how she is very close with an ex-fiancee and refuses to give him up.
Well I have an update on Peg. She's since married, they're in wedded bliss supposedly.
The weirdness is that Peg has a dog, we'll call him Chick-pea, and Chick-pea has been with the family for a lot of years now. Enough years to remember the first fiancee, and Peg has decided that Chick-pea hates the husband (we'll call him Joe). The reason she gave? "Joe treats Chick-pea like a Dog". Ummm, Chick-pea is a dog. The problem is that Joe doesn't mother Chick-pea and treat him like a little person, which is how the rest of the family treat him.

The ranking in the family? Peg is Mum. Peg's mum is nanna, the ex-fiancee is Dad, and Joe? Joe is just Joe. No ranking. Peg and Joe were fighting the other night-Chick-pea got upset. Peg refused to speak to Joe until Joe apologised to Chick-pea for yelling!
If I was Joe I'd run a mile if a dog ranked higher than me.
I told Peg she needed to have kids so she could differentiate between dogs and people.

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Eca said...
October 25, 2006 11:09 AM

Check this out!!! Its like the reason they now have that little authentication thingy when you comment! Its like 10 pages of crap in the comments section.
And FYI I think Courtney actually comes out on top in this battle. Anyhoo, sorry for the lack of relevance to the dog post. Just wanted to get it out there!

Dataceptionist said...
October 25, 2006 11:27 AM

holy cow! I got so bored and gave up!!!
And thank you for acknowledging a lack of relevance. hehehe

eegor Jones said...
October 29, 2006 3:57 PM

aaah... great to see the insanity continuing.
What is the matter with these two? This is a real, good quality relationship according to who? Tell me, i want names and phone numbers!

Hi from Malaysia!

Re said...
October 29, 2006 5:33 PM


Apologise to the dog? THE DOG.
*insert circus music here*

Geez it's hard to tell who who's in the zoo.

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